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2017 RV Accessories Articles Tips, Tricks and Information
Here you'll find our most recent articles on RV accessories, as well as tips and information to use on your next RV trip. Over the years, we have collected a large number of articles to assist those new to RV'ing, as well as seasoned veterans. These articles cover all aspects of the RV lifestyle, from cleaning and maintenance, to camping supplies and outdoor living.
Characteristics of a High-Quality RV Extension Cord

by Julie T 2/3/2017
A high-voltage extension cord is a necessary piece of equipment that every RV needs to have. Whether you’re adventuring around the country or just parking in the driveway, you need a reliable source of power for your RV while it’s parked. To help you find a first-rate extension cord, we have put together a list of attributes to look for when choosing a cord.
Take Advantage of Digital RV Thermostat Scheduling Programs

by Julie T 2/3/2017
Whether you want to stay cool all night during the summer or need to stay toasty on a cold winter morning, a reliable thermostat is essential to keep your RV comfy all year long. Many older RV’s are equipped with simple dial thermostats that poorly regulate ambient temperatures and cause unwanted climate fluctuations. By upgrading to a digital thermostat, you can use its programmable functions to set your desired temperature for every time of the day and be confident that your RV will actually stay at that setting.
Best Practices for Using RV Stabilizer Jacks

by Julie T 2/2/2017
Anyone who has walked around the inside of a recently parked RV can attest to how wobbly they can be. Most RV's are built with lightweight economical towing in mind, over rock-solid construction. This is smart trade off since RV stabilizer jacks can be used to offset any structural weak points once the vehicle is parked. RV stabilizer jacks are essential pieces of equipment to keep your RV from rocking back and forth, but they only work if properly setup.
BatteryMINDer Chargers Maintain the Condition of Your RV Batteries

by Julie T 1/26/2017
Maintaining the condition of your RV batteries helps to prevent problems brought on by damaged or dead batteries. It may even help to prolong their lifespan. The average lifespan of an RV battery is a few years, however proper maintenance can extend that. Just like the battery in a laptop or mobile device, RV batteries will still continue to discharge even while the RV is not in active use. There is another potential hazard for RV batteries that are left to sit for a long time, called sulfation. Sulfation happens when crystallization forms inside the battery, leading to poor performance or no charge. Using chargers and maintainers such as those from BatteryMINDer can help avoid this issue.
Why You Need an RV Water Hose Protector

by Julie T 1/19/2017
Water hoses are a critical piece of equipment that every RV needs to have. They are needed to fill the fresh water reservoir and to use the water from a campsite spigot. Protector extensions ensure that your hose is always flowing when it should be and lengthen its overall lifespan.
Save Your Back With Hydraulic RV Leveling Jacks

by Julie T 1/18/2017
The most stressful aspect of parking your RV is the leveling process. It needs to be done properly or your RV will be off-center and can rock back and forth as you move inside of it. Not to mention that some of your appliances might not work unless they are perfectly level.
Upgrading Your Motorhome Accessories: RV Stereo System

by Julie T 1/3/2017
When it comes to playing music inside (or outside) your motorhome, it's important to have a good RV stereo system to go along with it. The addition of something so simple as a stereo system can always improve the environment of any home, including a motorhome. And when you’re goal is to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s great to have an excellent speaker and stereo system to accompany you.
Save Energy and Money With a Digital RV Thermostat

by Julie T 1/2/2017
An efficient digital thermostat has the ability to ensure everyone in your motorhome is comfortably heated or cooled, and it can make you even happier by keeping your wallet full. A digital replacement for your outdated dial thermostat is an often overlooked accessory that is both a fiscally and environmentally responsible upgrade for your motorhome.