RVIbrake Auxiliary Braking System

Rvibrake Auxiliary Braking System
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The RVI Braking system as been updated for 2013 and is now available as the RVI 2 Braking system.  Click Here for details. 
: $1,095.95
MFG P/N: 12021
MFG: RVIbrake
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The Rvibrake Auxiliary Braking System is the next generation in braking technology and is a fully proportional system that can be used with vacuum or active brake towed vehicles. Rvibrake's unique "One-Touch Auto Positioning" technology allows for a perfect installation every time. To install the Rvibrake, attach the spring-loaded clevis onto the brake pedal, plug the power cord into the towed vehicle's 12 volt receptacle and press the Auto Start button on the control panel. The Rvibrake's adjustable actuator will push on the brake pedal 5 times, allowing the housing to move back a little at a time until the housing is up against the seat pan of the towed vehicle. This one-of-a-kind technology ensures that the Rvibrake is properly installed every time. Breakaway System and Wireless Monitor are included. Three Year warranty. The RVI Braking system as been updated for 2013 and is now available as the RVI 2 Braking system.  Click Here for details. 

RVIbrake Auxiliary Braking System

Additional Product Information
  • One touch auto positioning - for a perfect installation every time.
  • Wireless monitoring and control from your coach - operation monitoring and adjustment from inside the coach
  • Braces on the seat pan not the seat - no soft seat slop.
  • 2/3 smaller than other portable brakes  - lighter, smaller, easier to store or install.
  • Proportionate braking - brake at the same rate as the coach for better stopping power.
  • Works with vacuum and active brake systems - self adjusts and works with any vehicle.
  • Dimensions: 5" x 13" x 17"
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Construction: Polycarbonate ABS
  • Power: 12 V DC, 8 Amps
Rvibrake Auxiliary Braking System
The Rvibrake System is a very compact and easy to use portable braking system.  It's very small foot print makes it easy to handle and even easier to store when not in use. Installation is very simple, mount the break away swith on the bumper, run its wire thru the firewall, plug it in, and push start. 

Rvibrake Wireless Monitor (Wireless Monitor) 
The Rvibrake Wireless Monitor plugs into the Motorhome's 12 Volt receptacle allowing you to monitor the Rvibrake's settings and performance. The Wireless Monitor will allow you to make adjustements to the Rvibrake settings while traveling. Other features include, Manual Brake activation,Towed Vehicle low battery indication, Contrast setting, Backlight setting and Audible Breakaway alert. The Wireless Monitor also displays a segmented bar graph when the towed vehicle is braking, demonstrating the Rvibrake's proportional braking capablilities. 
Rvibrake Breakaway System (Breakaway System) 
The Breakaway is the only part of the Rvibrake system that requires some installation. The Breakaway system is designed to apply the brakes on the towed vehicle in the event that the towed vehicle becomes unattached from the motorhome while traveling. The Breakaway consists of a junction box, wiring harness and coiled cable. The junction box mounts on the front bumper of the towed vehicle and the wiring harness is routed back through the engine compartment and firewall and then plugs into the Rvibrake housing. The coiled cable is attached to the pin inside of the junction box and the hitch of the motorhome. If the towed vehicle comes unattached from the motorhome the coiled cable pulls the pin out of the junction box causing the Rvibrake to push on the brakes of the towed vehicle bringing it to a stop.