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RV Sewer Hoses & Fitting

Whether your looking for a replacement RV sewer hose or need to outfit your new camper with it's first sanitation setup, we have you covered. But no matter what brand you choose, Blue Line, Rhino Flex, Smart Drain or Valterra's EZ Flush, if you do not use proper RV sanitation practices it may all end in a big mess.  When emptying your RV's black and gray tanks, you always want to dump the black water tank first, allowing the gray water's soapy water to rinse the hose. It's always a good idea to ensure the black water tank is at least 1/2 to 3/4 full before dumping.  This gives enough flow to keep your sewer hose from plugging up during the dumping process.  You never want to leave the black water tank valve open when hooked up at a full hookup campsite. By doing so, it allows all of the liquids to drain, leaving solid waste behind to harden at the bottom of the tank. Keeping the length of your sewer hose as short as possible will also eliminate the chances of a backup. Having shorter sections to put together versus one long hose can be a good choice when camping at many different locations. It's always a good idea to wear protective rubber gloves or use hand sanitizer any time you are handling your RV's sewer hose.
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Valterra D04-0108 RV Dump Glove Permatex 09186 Heavy Duty Nitrile Disposable Gloves Camco 39803 RhinoFlex Locking Rings Camco 39753 RhinoFlex Bayonet And Elbow Caps
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Camco 39773 RhinoFlex Swivel Lug Fitting Camco RhinoFlex Swivel Wye RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Swivel Bayonet Fitting Camco 39733 RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Swivel Elbow
RhinoFlex RV Sewer Kit Camco 39765 RhinoFlex Extender Kit Valterra D04-0120PB Quick Drain Weekend Hose With Adapter Valterra D04-0106 3" X 10' EZ Coupler Drain Hose Kit
Valterra W01-4048 1/2" X 4' Tote Tank Fill Hose Camco 39671 10' RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Valterra D04-0055 3" x 10' Heavy Duty Quick Drain Hose Valterra D04-0056 3" x 20' Heavy Duty Quick Drain Hose
Camco 39681 15' RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Valterra D04-0250 15' Dominator Sewer Kit Valterra D04-0205 Dominator 5' Extension Hose Thetford Smartdrain Valve Adapter
Thetford 17730 15' Premium Smart Hose Thetford 17731 Smartdrain 90 Degree Nozzle Fitting With Handle Thetford 17732 SmartDrain Universal Sewer Fitting Thetford 17728 15' Premium SmartDrain Sewer System
Camco 39821 RhinoFlex Swivel Coupler Valterra D04-0114 Standard EZ Coupler Bayonet Sewer Kit Valterra D04-0115 Deluxe EZ Coupler Bayonet Sewer Kit Prest-O-Fit 1-0202 Blueline Quick Connect Sewer Kit
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