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MorRyde Sliding Cargo TrayFinding ample storage space can be difficult enough when you are at home, in an RV it may be an even bigger challenge. Even though you may have limited space in your RV, there are plenty of options available that take advantage of what space you do have. For one thing, there are many RV accessories that are collapsible or foldable so they wont take up much room. This can include anything from food containers to shovels and ladders. When it comes to having a place to keep all these items, there are storage containers designed to make the most use of your available or unused space.
The storage compartments in your motorhome can greatly benefit from slide out storage trays. Slide out trays save you from having to climb inside the compartment, which is especially helpful for anything you may have stored near the back. There are different varieties, some of which need assembling beforehand. This works well if you need a tray in a specific dimension that is not standard. Mor/Ryde features a model that comes fully assembled and ready to install. They come in many different dimensions to fit the size of your compartments, and all have a weight capacity of 800 lbs. The powder coated finish makes them resistant to rust or corrosion, and they include carpeted flooring.
For inside your RV, there are a number of options to store just about anything. Take the kitchen, for example. There are items that can store things almost anywhere you want so there is no wasted space. Racks and caddies can be mounted to the inside of a cabinet door; pop-up dispensers can be mounted for paper plates, tissues and other items. Using the same concept as the slide out cargo tray, slide out drawers can installed underneath shelves, tables or cabinets. The slide out drawers from Smart Solutions can also be locked in place so they don't fly open during travel. They can be used not just for RVs, but when you need extra space at home as well.
Storage on the exterior of your RV or tow vehicle commonly employs rear mounted cargo trays and carriers. There are still other options however, as even the space underneath your vehicle can sometimes be utilized. For example, BAL makes a spare tire carrier that stows it under your trailer. This keeps the tire out of the sun and less exposed to the elements. The carrier can be locked in position when you don't need it, and is easily pulled out when you need access to the tire. It also frees up more space to mount other types of storage, such as bike racks. Different models are intended for use with different trailer frames, including box and I-Beam frames.
By Julie T

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