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Tie-downs & Turnbuckles

Tie-downs and Turnbuckles are very important when you have a truck camper.  Without them the camper would fall off the back of the truck during strong winds or a tight turns. The tie-downs are designed to fit tight to your bumper and the turnbuckles hook from your trailer to the tie-down for a secure connection. We carry the toughest brands to keep your vehicle safe including Torklift and Happijac.
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Turnbuckle Kit Springload Turnbuckle Kit Fastgun Locks Derringer Anchor Guard
Fastgun S9500 Locks - 4 Pack
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: 52.59
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Fastgun Turnbuckles, Long Polished Fastgun Turnbuckles, Short Polished Derringer Handle Torklift 1994-2002 Dodge Ram Frame Mounted Tie Down- Rear
Torklift S9521 Fastgun Turnbuckle Short, White Torklift S9520 Fastgun Turnbuckle Short, Grey Fastgun Turnbuckles, Long Grey Fastgun Turnbuckles, Long Black
Torklift 2000-2012 Ford Ranger 6' Bed Frame Mounted Tie Down - Front Springload XL Turnbuckle Vinyl Cap Kit Happijac 182910 FT-UT9 Tie Down Kit, Frame Mount
Tie-down Vinyl Cap Kit
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: 15.47
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Happijac 182906 FT-CG9 Tie Down Kit, Frame Mount Happijac 182908 FT-DR2 Tie Down Kit, Frame Mount Happijac 182905 FT-CG07S Tie Down Kit, Frame Mount Happijac 236326 FT-DR10 Tie Down Kit, Frame Mount
USB 010 Universal Stabilizing Bar SB 020 Universal Stabilizing Bar Qwik-Load Turnbuckle Upgrade Kit Qwik-Load Turnbuckle Set
Happijac USB-010 Universal Stabilizing Bar
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: 53.87
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Happijac SB-020 Universal Stabilizing Bar
In Stock
: 53.98
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Happijac Qwik-Load Turnbuckle Upgrade Kit
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: 93.21
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Happijac Qwik-Load 4 Piece Turnbuckle Set
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: 270.00
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Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Set Stainless Steel Front Turnbuckle Stainless Steel Rear Turnbuckle Torklift 2003-2009 Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 8' Bed Frame Mounted Tie Down - Front
Happijac Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Set
In Stock
: 115.92
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