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Using RV De-ionizing SystemsWhen it comes time to wash off your RV, you don't want to find spots left behind after spending all that time cleaning it. Towel drying it afterward can be even more time consuming and can even cause fine scratches on the surface. De-ionizing Systems are the perfect way to get your RV clean and totally free of all the water spotting without having to towel dry your rig. An RV de-ionizer, whether it is wall mounted or portable, high or low capacity, will provide a spotless finish when rinsing off your motorhome.

Ionized water is filled with salt & minerals that can leave spots behind when rinsing. This is also what's referred to as hard water. Hard water is particularly prevalent in the southeast and southwest continental United States, as well as around the Great Lakes. RVs can be vulnerable to this, as outdoor water sources, such as those found at campgrounds, often have a high concentration of minerals.

Typically how a de-ionizing system works is the water goes through a resin that draws in minerals, or ions, from the water. Different systems can handle different capacities. The amount of gallons an RV de-ionizing system can handle before needing resin replacement depends on the hardness of the water. The harder the water is, the faster you need to replace the resin. When washing the RV, if the system is only used for the final rinse, it will extend the usefulness of the resin. They operate much on the same level as a water softener does for a home, except these units are actually a little more efficient because they have an additional type of resin that removes negatively charged ions like fluorides that cause those irritating spots.

RV de-ionizing systems are currently available from CR Spotless and On The Go. They range in capacity from 100 from 450 gallons, and can be wall mounted, or free standing. On The Go mainly specializes in portable versions. CR Spotless features single and dual cartridge units, with capacities of 100 or 300 gallons. The resin has a shelf life of 18 months. On The Go also has a single or dual bed version, with a 450 gallon capacity. Replacement resins are available for both brands. They are easy to use and install, without requiring much mechanical knowledge to operate them. Keep in mind the water treated by these systems is made for rinsing an RV or vehicle after washing, and is not intended for drinking.

De-ionizing Systems for Your RV