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RV Holiday Gift IdeasIf you are the type that gets their shopping done early, or even the type that likes to procrastinate, here are some examples of great gift ideas for the RV'er or camper in your life. They're perfect for any occasion, whether it's for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or some other event. They can be practical or whimsical, and are available to fit nearly any budget.
A standard GPS may be fine for car trips, but traveling in an RV may require more specialized equipment. Rand McNally makes a GPS specifically for RVs, with a number of features you won't find on a regular GPS. This RV GPS includes estimated toll costs, routing for 11 different RV types, points of interest & campgrounds, dynamic weather data, amenities at highway exits, and much more. It has a large 7" widescreen along with 8G of storage. Once you are at the campsite, the TempMinder weather station from Minder Research keeps an eye on the indoor and outdoor temperature, and shows you current weather conditions. It offers an easy to understand weather forecast, so you'll know if it's going to be sunny or cloudy at a glance. It also comes with a wireless remote that displays the temperature and humidity.
If the weather does get rainy, there are a number of RV games that let you have fun indoors, such as the very popular Mexican Train domino game. Trains are 'built' using dominoes, with the object being to play all your dominoes while having the lowest score at the end of all the rounds. The center hub holds dominoes in place and makes sound effects. The game also includes train pieces and a set of 91 dominoes. It accommodates 2-4 players. If mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones also supply entertainment needs, they can stay charged with the PowerQube portable charging station. It can charge up to nine devices at once, with 3 USB ports and 6 AC outlets. It features integrated surge protection, so power surges will not damage your electronics. It works with multiple manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung.
If you know an RV'er who likes to cook, the Magma Products nesting induction cookware set may be the answer. The 10 piece set includes several different sauce pans, a stock pot, frying pan, lids, and removable handles that can switch between pots. All the pots and pans are polished stainless steel, and take up less than 1/2 cubic foot of space when stacked. They work with nearly any kind of cooktop, including gas, electric, and induction. When it comes to cooking outside, the Camco Olympian electric grill provides a portable option that can be used on any flat surface, or mounted to the side of the RV. It features a 145 sq. in. surface that can heat up to 700°F. If cooking over an open fire is preferred, the Rome panini sandwich press allows you to move beyond just hot dogs and s'mores. It has an 8" x 4" cooking surface, and is made of cast iron for an even pressure when toasting. It works with a campfire or over a BBQ grill.
For a more whimsical approach, outdoor lighting decorations such as the Mings Mark LED palm tree may be the ticket. It can decorate an RV campsite, or even someone's own yard. Other options include a flamingo, a cactus, and strings of colored globe lights. Another versatile option is the Picnic Time garden tote. It comes with tools for basic gardening, including a cultivator, planting trowel, and digging trowel. The tools easily fit in the outside pockets, and the inside is made from stain resistant material.
These of course are just a sample of the potential gifts available, with more in our RV gift ideas section. Still unsure? You can also get an RVUpgrades gift card. You can choose a gift certificate in any amount to be sent by email, or a gift card in $25 or $100 increments to be sent by mail. They never expire, which allows the recipient to purchase something whenever they want!

RV Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List