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Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring System Most likely you are aware of the importance of keeping the tires on your car properly inflated. The same principle holds true for your RV as well. In some cases its even more crucial, due to several different factors. The size of the motorhome, the amount of time spent inside the vehicle and the potential distance from local service stations can all affect how you monitor your tire pressure. Having a high-quality tire pressure gauge is one of the most important RV accessories you can buy. If you need help on choosing the right one, here are a few things to keep in mind.
Number of Wheels for Monitoring
The most obvious characteristic would be the number of tires you need to check. It’s especially important to have a system that can keep watch on as many multiple wheels as you need. This can also include any vehicles you may be towing with you. TireMinder features a wireless system with 6 transmitters that can monitor up to 22 wheels, if necessary. Doran also offers tire pressure systems ranging from 2 to 14 sensors that also use wireless operation. Both use audio and visual signals to let you know if a problem is detected.
PSI Range
It’s important to make sure the system can go up to the necessary PSI for your RV, so it helps to have a system that has a high upper range. The Doran system has a wide PSI range, going from 10 to 188. As another option, the TST Flow Through System allows you to set custom high and low PSI levels for up to 4 axles.
Temperature Alarms
The main thing with traveling in an RV is to be aware of potential problems before they become catastrophes, so you can more easily deal with them. Temperature fluctuations can have an impact on tire pressure as well. A rising temperature in your tires can often indicate an issue, so it often helps to have a system that can tell you if the temperature rises above a certain point. TireMinder's system can alert you if the tire temperature goes above 167 degrees, while TST's model can check the current temperature for your tires along with the pressure.
Keeping your tire pressure maintained can save you from blowouts, decreased fuel efficiency and other issues while driving. If you have additional questions on which tire pressure monitor is right for your RV, please contact us.
By Julie T

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