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RV Bridge ClearanceFor a new RVer with no prior experience driving large vehicles, the turning radius of your rig and the huge blind spaces on your motor home might seem like the most difficult parts of driving your camper. It takes practice to learn to drive it, park it in a pull through spot, and later, to back up.
What many people forget while they're worrying about driving mechanics is that their RV is also a lot taller than most vehicles too. Above the roof height are RV accessories, like the air conditioner and roof vent covers, that add even more inches to the RV's total height.
Staying on the major highways and trucking routes is safe. Max height for any vehicle is thirteen feet, six inches. Your RV is definitely shorter than that and if a tractor-trailer can get through, you can too. The problem is that fuel stations and campgrounds require you to leave the highway. Your destination campground may be quite a few miles from the exit.
For fuel, truck stops are usually the safest option. If you stop at a fuel station that isn't a truck stop, and the roof over the fuel islands seems low, choose the outside pump and position your rig so that it will not pass under the roof. Fuel hoses are usually long enough to reach those extra few feet.
When planning your route to the campground, check the campground's website for directions. The campground owners probably know the local roads well and sometimes a less direct route than the GPS recommends might have easier roads to drive or fewer areas with uncertain clearances. A truck driver's atlas lists low clearance bridges and you can get a GPS designed for RVers that is supposed to route you around those low clearances but roads get repaved and the GPS may not be updated. Always check for signs and be cautious about clearances.
If you did forget to check clearances and barely scraped through with some damaged RV rooftop accessories, contact us for replacements that you can install yourself.
By Heather L

RV Overhead Clearances

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