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48203B876 MACH 3 Plus 13.5K RV Air Conditioner
Coleman MACH 3 Plus RV Air Conditioner
Coleman 48203B876 MACH 3 Plus 13.5K RV Air Conditioner

Price: $612.42
MFG P/N: 48203B876
MFG: Coleman
UPC #: 681787015250
SHIPS: 79.5

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Description Instructions
The Coleman 48203B876 Mach 3 Plus is a powerful RV rooftop air conditioner with the highest cooling output for a 13.5K unit you can buy. With an airflow so strong, it's a sure bet for ducted systems. The Mach 3 Plus is equipped with a 1/3 hp fan motor, the largest used in an RV A/C, delivering cool air at an incredible 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute). And the Mach 3 Plus features the same streamlined shape that enhances the airflow and cooling efficiency of every model in the line of Coleman-Mach RV air conditioners. All-copper tubing & gas-flux brazed joints ensure long life product dependability. Large evaporator & condenser coils with raised lance fins enhance the system's ability to dissipate heat. A/C shroud includes condenser coil protection. Includes upper unit only; 13,500 BTU, White. Ships by Truck.
  • Capacity (Nominal BTUH) Cooling/Heating 13,500
  • Electrical Rating 115 VAC, 60 HZ, 1 Phase
  • Cooling Full Load AMP’s: Compressor 11.9, Fan Motor Low – 2.7 High – 3.4, Total 14.6 15.3
  • Running Watts (cooling) (80 F. DB 67 F. WB Indoor, 95 F. DB Outdoor) 1650
  • Running Watts (cooling) Desert Condition (100 F. DB 72 F. WB Indoor, 120F. DB Outdoor) 1900
  • Running Watts (heating) (1) 1800
  • Compressor Locked Rotor Amps 63
  • Metering Device Capillary Tube
  • Refrigerant Charge – R-410A 12.50 oz.
  • Evaporator Air Delivery (CFM) 320 – High Speed
  • Unit Weight (pounds) 79.5 lbs.
  • Use time delay fuse or circuit breaker (U.L. H.A.C.R. Type C.S.A.) Rated at 20 amps.
  • Supply wires 12 AWG Min. (Copper)
  • Fits standard vent cut out of 14" x 14".
Important Shipping Info: If you are shipping to a residence and or need a lift gate (help getting product off the truck), please let the carrier know when they call to setup the delivery date. This Product Ships by Ground Only.

Coleman MACH 3 Plus RV Air Conditioner

Additional Product Information
This unit is a replacement for the following models: 8333-871, 8333-876, 8333-877, 8333A871, 8333A876, 8333A877, 8333B671, 8333B676, 8333B677, 8333C871, 8333C876, 8333C877, 8333D876, 8333D877, 8333E856, 8333E8564, 8333E876, 8333E8764, 8333E8766, 8332-897, 8332-896, 8332-891, 48203-866, 48203A866, 48203-876, 48203A876, 48253-866, 48253A866, 48253B866, 48203B876, 7333C881, 8333b6665, 8333-8664, 7333C861, 7333D861, 7333D881, 8333E7564, 7333D871, 8333E756, 7333A871, 7333-871, 48253C966, 8333D8564, 7333A8664, 7333A886, 6759-707, 8333A8715, 8333B8669, 8333B8664, 7333A888, 8333D856, 48203B866, 48203B866, 48253-866, 48253-876, 48253A866, 48253A876, 48253B866, 48253B876, 48253C966, 48263-876, 48263A876, 48263B876, 48263C966, 6759A723, 8333B6714, 7333A887, 8333C8664, 7333C8664, 7333D8664, 7333C866, 6759-723, 7333B881, 7333-797, 7333-7974, 7333-863, 7333-8634, 7333-866, 7333-8664, 7333-867, 7333-8674, 7333-881, 7333-8812, 7333-8814, 7333-8815, 7333-882, 7333-8824, 7333-883, 7333-8833, 7333-8834, 7333-8836, 7333-886, 7333-8864, 7333-887, 7333-8873, 7333-8874, 7333-8876, 7333-888, 7333-8884, 7333A697, 7333A6974, 7333A797, 7333A7974, 7333A866, 7333A867, 7333A8674, 7333A881, 7333A8812, 7333A8813, 7333A8814, 7333A8815, 7333A8816, 7333A882, 7333A8823, 7333A8824, 7333A8826, 7333A8863, 7333A8864, 7333A8866, 7333A8873, 7333A8874, 7333A8876, 7333A8883, 7333A8884, 7333A8886, 7333A897, 7333A8974, 7333B697, 7333B6974, 7333B797, 7333B7974, 7333B866, 7333B8664, 7333B867, 7333B8674, 7333B8812, 7333B8813, 7333B8814, 7333B8815, 7333B8816, 7333B882, 7333B8823, 7333B8824, 7333B8826, 7333B886, 7333B8863, 7333B8864, 7333B8866, 7333B887, 7333B8873, 7333B8874, 7333B8876, 7333B888, 7333B8883, 7333B8884, 7333B8886, 7333C697, 7333C6974, 7333C797, 7333C7974, 7333C867, 7333C8674, 7333C8812, 7333C8813, 7333C8814, 7333C8815, 7333C8816, 7333C882, 7333C8823, 7333C8824, 7333C8826, 7333C886, 7333C8863, 7333C8864, 7333C8866, 7333C887, 7333C8873, 7333C8874, 7333C8876, 7333C888, 7333C8883, 7333C8884, 7333C8886, 7333D866, 7333D867, 7333D8674, 7333D8712, 7333D8713, 7333D8714, 7333D8715, 7333D8716, 7333D872, 7333D8723, 7333D8724, 7333D8726, 7333D876, 7333D8763, 7333D8764, 7333D8766, 7333D877, 7333D8773, 7333D8774, 7333D8776, 7333D878, 7333D8783, 7333D8784, 7333D8786, 7333D8812, 7333D8813, 7333D8814, 7333D8815, 7333D8816, 7333D882, 7333D8823, 7333D8824, 7333D8826, 7333D886, 7333D8863, 7333D8864, 7333D8866, 7333D887, 7333D8873, 7333D8874, 7333D8876, 7333D888, 7333D8883, 7333D8884, 7333D8886, 7333E8873, 7333E8876, 8332-896, 8332-897, 8332B891, 8332B896, 8332B897, 8333-866, 8333-8664, 8333-871, 8333-8712, 8333-8714, 8333-8715, 8333-876, 8333-8764, 8333-8766, 8333-877, 8333-8774, 8333A866, 8333A871, 8333A8712, 8333A8714, 8333A8715, 8333a8764, 8333a8774, 8333A8766, 8333B666, 8333B6664, 8333B66P, 8333B6762, 8333B6764, 8333B6766, 8333B6774, 8333B67P, 8333B67P3, 8333B871, 8333B8714, 8333B876, 8333B8764, 8333B8766, 8333b877, 8333B8774, 8333C866, 8333C8665, 8333C8714, 8333C8764, 8333C8766, 8333C8774, 8333D666, 8333D6664, 8333D671, 8333D6714, 8333D676, 8333D6764, 8333D6766, 8333D677, 8333D6774, 8333D866, 8333D8664, 8333D871, 8333D8714, 8333D8764, 8333D8766, 8333D8774, 8333E776, 8333E7764, 8333E7766, 8335-8966, 8333-896, 8333A8664, 6759E707, 6759B707, 6759D707, 8333B676, 6759-808, 6759A707, 6759R707, 6759C707, 8333C8769, 7333B876, 6759-807, 6759C705, 6759-727, 6757D707, 8333B6769, 48253B856, 6749R707, 8333B6669, 7333C876, 7333A8874