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On The Go Dual Bed Water De-ionizerRV-ing in the winter can be a messy business. Salt, snow, mud and other types of dirt and grime can easily get tracked inside. On the other hand, you may want to start preparing for a spring cleaning after your RV has been in storage. You've certainly heard the term 'spring cleaning' in reference to your home. Your RV benefits from this as well, especially if you have any early spring trips coming up. Whether you are already thinking about getting your RV ready for spring, or if you've done some winter traveling and wish to do a thorough cleaning, these RV accessories will come in handy.
The carpets and floors are definitely an area that can accumulate a lot of dirt, especially if you haven't kept up with maintaining them. There are several brooms and dust pans that can take care of smaller messes on hard floors, such as the Thetford Stormate Expanding Broom. However, for a deeper clean that can extend to carpets and upholstery, the RV central vacuum system from Dirt Devil can be a big help. It catches 99.97% of small particles, and comes with several attachments that allow you to clean almost anywhere, including under seats. The Dirt Devil's versatility allows it to be used on multiple surfaces and materials, from carpets to ceramic tile to vinyl floors.
To get rid of spots or basic stains that are on different surfaces, there are many types of cleaners than can assist in this task. These cleaners are perfect for detail cleaning or wiping down surfaces, such as those found in the kitchen and bathroom areas. They can be useful for cleaning around your dash as well. All-surface cleaners are great for wiping down a variety of surfaces, which can certainly save you time and effort. For more specialized jobs, cleaners for upholstery and fabric, ceramic tile or kitchen and bath surfaces can help you remove spots of dirt, smudges or fingerprints to keep things looking like new. If you've noticed any mold or mildew forming in spots while the RV was in storage, ForceField MoldBlock gets rid of the mold, while also laying down a protective barrier to prevent future growth.
When air quality is the issue, there are deodorizers available from Biocide Systems and 3X Chemistry that can draw in foul smelling elements to clear the air. In a similar vein, Kanberra Gel is made to remove mold and mildew particles from the air. While these products are most useful when the RV is in storage, they are not limited to storage protection. Mold and mildew can also be a result when there is too much moisture in the air. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers come in different sizes to take care of drawing in moisture from whatever size space you have. This is especially helpful in bathroom areas or enclosed spaces where moisture can easily collect.
These are a sampling of the RV interior cleaning and maintenance products available. If you need further assistance, please contact us.
By Julie T

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