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Portage Glacier HighwayThere are some out there who probably feel that staying environmentally conscious while RV-ing is a contradiction in terms. This assumption is not necessarily true. There are plenty of ways to 'go green' while you are away from home. Most likely you take your motorhome to natural spots. Seeing these types of locations in person is certainly more effective than seeing it at home on your TV or in a picture. You'll probably be more apt to want to see it preserved for future generations. This article will go over a few easy ways that you can stay environmentally aware in your travels.
Conservation of resources
RV travel already deals with the concept of having limits. Limited space, limited time, or limited supplies can all come into play. The idea of conservation involves making the most of what you have while using less of it. In terms of the environment, this can include energy and water consumption. Implementing LED lights is one way to conserve energy, as they use a lot less than conventional bulbs. The longer lifespan also means you won't be needing to replace them very often. Whether its a permanent or portable installation, using solar systems for your RV is a great way to make use of a renewable energy source. Renewable energy indicates that there's no reduction in the power source as you use it. This is also helpful if you are not in the vicinity of a regular power source that you'd find at a campground. In terms of using less water, having a showerhead such as the Phoenix Airfusion is a great example of using less water, without sacrificing performance. The Airfusion has a valve that forces air bubbles into the water stream. This produces a high pressure spray without consuming as much water, up to 20-30% less.
Of course we are all aware of the importance of recycling. Certain items can be re-purposed for other uses, and certain materials, such as paper, plastics or glass, can be remade into other things. Many places have recycling programs to reduce the amount of trash that's generated. You can still take this idea with you when you are camping or traveling in your RV. Camco has a collapsible recycling container, which stores flat when not in use, and sits 2 feet high when open. It can be divided into three sections, so plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper products can all be easily separated for recycling purposes. It's also perfect for outdoor entertaining at home, or even at tailgate parties.
Using environmentally friendly products
This concept can be readily applied to cleaners and odor eliminators that you use in your RV. This mainly includes ones that are made with biodegradable or natural substances. These substances won't harm the environment when they are used, and can be broken down naturally. Examples include Kanberra Gel Mold Prevention and Biocide Systems Odor Eliminator. Kanberra Gel is all natural, so there are no harsh chemicals to deal with. Biocide Systems gets rid of foul smells using chlorine dioxide. It is completely biodegradable and doesn't use any type of aerosol spray. It comes in three versions, for your RV, car or for interior rooms in your home. In terms of actually cleaning your RV, Bio-Kleen makes a multi-purpose cleaner and black streak remover that are also biodegradable and non-toxic.
By Julie T

Being Eco-Friendly in Your RV

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