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Camco Sink Mate Cutting BoardWhen it comes time to prepare meals, setting up your RV's kitchen doesn't need to be a challenge. Some RV kitchens can be more luxurious than residential ones, but for most people, they may not have the size and space available in a home kitchen. There are plenty of ways to make the most out of the space you do have. Whether your cooking skills are basic or advanced, here are a few things to keep in mind before taking your next trip.
An RV kitchen can fit most of the same types of appliances used at home, including refrigerators, stove tops and microwaves. Refrigerators from Norcold can be compact or close to full size to fit your space. There are gas or electric models, with some including a freezer, so you can easily store chilled items. If you want your fridge to coordinate with your other appliances or the cabinetry, oak or black acrylic door panel covers can create a cohesive design. Stove tops feature multiple burners to accommodate your kitchen or the size of your group. If you want to have even more cooking options, there are range models that come with an oven. This gives you the opportunity to create many of the same meals you would at home, without sacrificing anything. The quickest way to heat up food or keep it warm is of course the microwave. You can choose between white, black or stainless steel finishes to suit your tastes. Built-in and over-the-range models ensure that the microwave can stay out of the way of the main food prep area. Smaller appliances such as coffee or ice makers are perfect for RV use, and can be small enough so they won't take up much counter space. There are even products such as the Max Burton Hot Drinks to Go, which can heat or boil water using the vehicle's cigarette lighter.
Counter Space
Speaking of counter space, this can be at a premium in any kitchen, but is especially important within the smaller space of an RV. There are several different options when it comes to finding ample room. Range and sink covers are made to fit over these features when you aren't using them, with some doubling as a food prep area and cutting board. There are also drop leaf counter extensions that can give you that extra little bit of room when you need it, and be folded down out of the way when you don't. Portable cutting mats or cutting boards can turn almost any flat space into a prep station, so you won't have to think about potentially damaging your surfaces. Cutting boards with juice grooves will make sure any excess liquids will not drip down onto anything else.
Other Accessories
Tool sets, such as the one from Prime Products, can make food prep a breeze by keeping everything in one convenient space. The Prime Products set features such items as a chef's knife, poultry scissors, a ladle, can opener & cutting board. All the tools are stored in a carrying case so they are easily transportable. Microwavable dishes can be very useful when you want to save time or effort, and go beyond just a popcorn popper. Steamers and pressure cookers that are safe for microwave use can not only reduce cooking time, but expand on your available options. This can also come in handy when the stove or oven is being used for something else.
There is no reason to limit yourself on an RV trip when it comes to cooking meals. These are just a few of the options available. As always if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
By Julie T

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