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Motor Home WeightWhen people get their first motor home or upgrade to a new RV, motor home accessories are often the first thing they think about. What do they need to have a functional outdoor area to augment their small indoor space? What items will serve multiple purposes or maximize storage space? Which things will they enjoy the most? Is there a cheaper option for all of those items they need to get to increase their enjoyment of their vacation or their new fulltime RVer lifestyle?
Many people forget to consider the weight of all those things they would like to have. RVs have several weights to consider. Usually they list their dry weight, which includes only things that are part of the RV and does not include any personal items or anything in the tanks.
Then they list the weight with a full fresh water tank, full propane, and in the case of a motor home, full fuel tanks. Many people do not travel with a full fresh water tank unless they plan to boondock but carrying some freshwater for use on the road or in case the destination campground has poor water quality is common.
Last, they list the max weight the RV should ever weigh once you fill it with accessories, personal items, and liquids. That max weight is an important number. The RV's axles, brakes, and tires are designed to handle that much. If you are overweight, in a motor home, your engine and transmission will struggle. In all RVs, motor homes or towable campers, being overweight can create accidents and delays by causing tire blowouts, reducing stopping time, and decreasing fuel mileage.
You can weigh your fully loaded RV at many truck stops, such as Love's, TA, or Flying J gas stations. There is sometimes a nominal fee for the use of their scales. They will weigh your entire rig and the weight on each axle. It is vital to be aware of your weight. Knowing not only the rig's full loaded weight but the weight per axle allows you to shift things around so no wheels are overloaded and that you are evenly weighted left to right, which can help the steering for the rig.
If you are overweight, it might be time to minimize your items or upgrade them to things that weigh less. As you consider accessories for your motor home, sometimes you need to be prepared to choose mid-range or more expensive items because the more cheaply produced things are, not only do they take up more space, but they weigh more. Choosing accessories made of the most modern, lightest weight materials allows you to carry more accessories and personal items and still remain within your safe weight limits.
Contact us as you consider motor home accessories and allow us to help you find the products that will serve your needs and still keep you within your weight requirements.
By Heather L

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