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Picnic Time Black Toluca Picnic ToteHave you ever gone camping on one of those steamy summer weekends when it's just too uncomfortable to spend your entire trip outdoors? Let me tell you, the last thing you want is an RV air conditioner that isn't working properly. Many RV owners take working air conditioning for granted. However, if you don't perform the right maintenance, you could end up without cool air, making for one uncomfortable camping trip. After all, the reason you camp in an RV instead of a tent is to give yourself the comforts of home, right?
Check Your Filters
Yes, even the air conditioner in your RV has filters. Just like in your homes AC unit you need to change the filter on a regular basis. At the start of every season, check the filter in your unit. If you aren't sure how, check your manual. Some of these filters are reusable and must be washed, others need to be replaced. Doing so will ensure your air conditioner runs well throughout the camping season.
Use Your Roof Vents
Most campers have roof vents in the bathroom and the kitchen area. Because an RV air conditioner is mounted on the roof, water vapor from showers, cooking and even normal breathing can collect inside the unit and cause damage. Whenever you are cooking or taking a shower, open the roof vents to expel as much of the vapor as possible.
Check for Blockages
Whether you use your RV on a regular basis or you store it for a large portion of the year, the air conditioner is susceptible to blockage from debris. At least once a season, climb a ladder and check the condenser for dirt, leaves and other debris that could be blocking the unit and remove them. This is a good exercise every time you move your RV to ensure the condenser is always clear.
Minimize Running
Minimizing the amount of time you run your air conditioner can help prolong its life. Park in shaded spots whenever you can to keep your RV cooler. Close your shades or curtains during the hotter parts of the day to keep the cooler air inside and avoid going in and out as much as possible. Finally, close off any areas of the RV you aren't using at the moment, so the cold air remains in the areas in which you spend your time later on in the day.
Camping during the hot summer months is made easier with the use of an RV air conditioner. However, if you aren't careful, it may not work as well as you need it to. Nothing's worse than pulling into your favorite camping spot this summer only to find you will boil the entire time you are inside. With the right maintenance, you don't have to worry about this problem.
If you need a new RV air conditioner or any accessories to keep your RV cool this summer, contact us. We carry all the parts you need so your RV doesn't become a sauna!
By Heather L

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