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Carefree of Colorado Buena Vista RoomUnfortunately we can't always guarantee beautiful weather when we travel. Even if the sun isn't always shining, that doesn't necessarily mean the day is wasted. There are a number of activities that can be done inside to help pass the time while still being enjoyable. If you have children with you, it can sometimes be a challenge keeping them occupied until the skies clear. This article gives you a few ideas to help you get through a rainy day on your next RV trip.
Playing games is an ideal way to pass the time, as well as get the whole group involved. Beyond just board games, other examples include card games and dominoes. The Jobar card shuffler and card holder can make card games even more enjoyable. Since not everyone is a pro at shuffling cards, the battery powered card shuffler evenly mixes up to 4 decks of cards with the push of a button. The card holder can fit up to 15 cards so they're evenly spaced, making it easy for you to see what you have without displaying that information to any other players. Several different types of domino sets from Fundex and Prime Products are available, including classic sets as well as the very popular Mexican Train Domino Game. Whether you or your kids want to play dominoes or set up an elaborate domino display to eventually knock over, this can be a great way to spend a few hours.
Of course in this day and age we are never too far from electronic devices, even while RVing. However they can come in handy when going outside isn't an option and you are looking for a brief distraction. Items like a portable satellite antenna, RV television, or audio/video player can certainly be of help. A portable antenna such as the King VQ 4100 has a compact design and automatically searches for satellite signals. It can also accommodate more than one TV, in case not everyone wants to watch the same program. Speaking of TVs, Jensen offers TVs made particularly for RV travel. Available with different screen sizes, these televisions can deal with conditions that a TV at home could not handle, such as vibrations or temperature changes. Using a stereo or DVD player will allow you to listen to music or watch a movie while you wait for the rain to stop.
We recently discussed how awnings and screen rooms can help in very sunny conditions. However, they are also ideal for rain protection as well. So long as the rain and wind is light and there is no presence of lightning, it is possible to still enjoy the outside without having to retreat indoors. Using an awning can keep the rain off of your campsite, while having a screen room will give you protection from all sides. In that event you would be able to play tabletop games, read a book or even just talk outside.
By Julie T

Inside RV Activities for Rainy Days

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