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King Controls OA-8000 The Jack HDTV Over Air Antenna Replacement
King Controls OA-8000 The Jack Off-Air Antenna Replacement
King Controls OA-8000 The Jack Off-Air Antenna Replacement

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MFG P/N: OA-8000
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DESCRIPTION Instructions
Replaced by part # 24-0335.

Replace your old Sensar antenna with the JACK replacement head for better digital TV reception. Includes custom bracket for simple retrofit to existing antenna mast using existing mounting pins. Broader reception range helps to receive signals found in the "dead spot" or 35 of rotation not reached by existing mount. Amplified antenna is powered by your existing antenna supply or used with the included power injector. Universal mounting bracket is included for installation on a pole or railing for residential use. Just 2.25"H x 16"W x 12.5"D, the JACK replacement head is 70% smaller with improved wind resistance and weighs 25% less than the antenna head.

King Controls The Jack HDTV Off-Air Antenna Replacement

Additional Product Information

Product Manual

2.5 inch L x 16.5 inch W x 2 inch D
1.5 lbs.
Frequency Bands
UHF (470-860 MHz)
VHF (47-230 MHz)
Powered Amplifier
AC to DC (included), may also be used with existing antenna power source for retrofits.
1 year warranty
Kit Contents
RV bracket for Sensar lift
Pole mount bracket for residential installs
AC to DC power supply

With crystal clear reception of all VHF and UHF digital HDTV signals, the JACK antenna offers a much broader reception range than traditional RV antennas. Additionally, the JACK antenna provides greatly enhanced UHF reception where over 80% of the new digital channels are now broadcast. You get completely uncompressed high-definition TV signals for the absolute best picture quality available today.

Easily replace your existing Sensar® antenna in just 5 minutes without any special tools. The JACK mounts to the existing antenna mast with 2 removable pins. The JACK is 70% smaller and requires no additional roof space for installation. The built-in signal amplifier works with your existing antenna power switch or can be used with the provided power supply if replacing a non-amplified antenna. An indicator light shows when the amplifier is powered.

• 70% smaller and provides better reception
• Can be installed without hitting the AC or roof vent
• Designed for new digital signals
• Aerodynamic for less wind resistance
• Amplified with included power supply
• 5-minute retrofit to existing Sensar™ mount
• Diagnostic light to indicate +12 volt power to antenna
• 12 1/2 inches long, 16 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches high

Q. Do I still need a digital converter box if I have a KING Jack antenna?
A. If your TV does not have a built-in digital tuner, then a digital converter box will be required.

Q. Can I use my pre-existing power booster with the KING Jack?
A. Yes, you may use your existing power booster with the KING Jack as long as it provides 12 volts DC to the antenna.

Q. Can I hook up two power boosters to my KING Jack to get better signal?
A. No, you can possibly damage one of the power boosters and the KING Jack antenna.

Q. Can I split the signal from my KING Jack to 2 TVs?
A. Yes you can, but the splitter may need to be in-line between the power booster and the TV.

Q. Can I install the OA8000 KING Jack head replacement on another antenna mount beside the Winegard® Sensar® mount?
A. Antenna Tek makes a mount similar to the Sensar® mount, which is compatible with the OA8000. Also, the
OA8000 comes with a pole mount bracket which allows it to be mounted to a stationary pole (not on a vehicle). Winegard and Sensar are registered trademarks of Winegard Company. KING is not affiliated with Winegard Company.

Q. My OA8000 antenna head does not lay flat when cranked down.
A. The pins on the bracket are not in the correct location. Please look carefully at the diagram in the manual provided. One pin should be in one of the top holes and the other pin should be in the bottom hole on the opposite side.