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Buying a motorhome is a great way to pursue your dreams of traveling, camping, or living on the road. However, to keep enjoying these adventures for many years to come, you need to maintain your motorhome with the right supplies. Here are just a few examples of supplies will help you preserve your RV, make it more enjoyable to use, and keep it running smoothly.
Dicor Rubber Roof Coating SystemRoof Treatment
The roof of your motorhome becomes subject to a lot of outdoor conditions, which may cause surface damage over the course of time. Maintaining the appearance of your rubber roof will keep your RV looking like new and save you from a costly or unnecessary roof replacement. Dicor has a two step process that will restore your rubber roof, making it look like new. The first step involves using the cleaner/activator to prepare the roof surface for the roof coating in the second step. Using both products together creates a layer that protects and preserves the rubber roof. The second step gives you the option of choosing between the standard roof coating or Dicor's insulating coating. The insulating coating is made to reduce the amount of heat that gets transferred inside the vehicle, which is perfect for warm climates.
3X Chemistry Slide-out Lube & ProtectantRust-Inhibiting Protectant
Anything with a slide-out mechanism, which is rather common in motorhomes, should be maintained with a protectant that prevents rust, which can cause problems to the mechanism. An all-in-one lube and protectant is the best way to maintain reliable performance and keep it from both rust and corrosion. 3X Chemistry has a product that will provide a protective film for the mechanism, repelling moisture without gumming up. This helps keep rust from forming and helps your slide-out function properly.
Adjust-A-Brush Flow-Thru Telescopic BrushWash Brush
Keeping your motorhome clean is an important part of maintenance, not only because it will preserve the paint job and tires, but also for preserving its resale value. Ideally, you should invest in a flow-thru brush that has a long enough extension to reach all surface areas of your motorhome. Adjust-A-Brush has two models with different lengths, so you can choose the one that's right for your RV. The handle attaches to standard garden hoses and it features a valve so you can adjust the water pressure.
There are of course other accessories that you can get to maintain your motorhome, however using the above three will be very helpful for long-term upkeep. Please feel free to Contact us with any questions you may have about motorhome supplies.
By Julie T

Maintain the Condition of Your RV

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