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If you've experimented with creative solutions for bike storage or transport for an RV trip, or you're looking at your RV and wondering where your bikes will fit, it is probably worth your time to consider the right tool for the job. Even if your RV is equipped with internal storage space for large gear (such as camp furniture or bikes) external Bike Carriers offer multiple benefits that make them a good investment.

Easier/Safer Loading

Ergonomics may not be your first consideration when selecting a carrier or deciding that you need one. But when you focus on lifting, leveling, and untangling two or more bikes at a time you are unlikely to find a way to lift with the proper parts of your body. Even with a single bike, this is easily the case when you pack your bike with other gear or attempt to make due with tie downs or ropes.

Carriers allow for loading and unloading of one bike at a time and allow for a stable placement for each bike, preventing tangling of bike parts and making safer loading more feasible.

Easier/Cleaner Storage

In addition to easier loading, storage is simpler with an external rack when your bikes are not in use. Particularly as you are initially setting up your camp site. And even if you leave home with clean bikes, they will not likely remain that way for your return trip. Storing them with other gear may share more than just the dirt you collect for that trip---oil and grease from chains, derailleurs, chain rings and hubs can leave their mark on other items and your RV without a rack to keep things tidy.

Bicycle Longevity

Storing multiple bikes together without a rack can lead to tangling of parts that can damage bikes. When crank arms and tires are involved, separating them can be very challenging and lead to even more damage. Even minor (but likely) damage such as scratching is typically undesirable (depending on the condition of your bike or bikes). Racks offer positioning options and inherent features that keep bikes apart.

RV Longevity & Aesthetics

Even a single bike can dent or visibly scratch your RV when transported without a rack. And even a careful and tidy placement can shift during your drive without a rack, so if you are concerned with aesthetics or resale value, this is also something to consider, and a bike carrier will help mitigate this risk.

For more information on bike carrier options or other RV accessories and parts, contact us, we are happy to help.

By Bill Rowell
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RV Bike Carriers are a Good Investment