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Enjoy A Bug-Free Camping Experiences with an Awning Add-A-Room or Screen Room

Are you in love with camping but not so crazy about the flying insects that come along with it? Tired of hauling out the citronella candles and Tiki torches in hopes of keeping those bugs at bay? If so, it’s time to contemplate an RV screen room or Awning Add a Room purchase. It’s one of the easiest, mess-free ways of keeping one’s family bug bite free.
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RV screen rooms come in different forms. Some are designed to stand separate and apart from the motorhome. Others are meant to be attached to an RV’s awning. Each screened enclosure option clearly has its own pros and cons. Let’s briefly explore a few of them:

Screen rooms that stand apart from motorhomes typically disassemble quickly and come with their own compact carrying cases. Thus, they may be used with or without the motorhome present. That tends to make them very convenient and versatile, especially for those that don’t like to travel with cars in tow.

On the downside, because standalone screen houses are not attached to the RV, they may be hard to place. For example, the campsite may be too small, too uneven or configured in a way that makes setting up the screen house awkward or impractical. Plus, campers run the risk of tracking mud and other debris into the screen house as well as the RV.

Attached RV screen rooms, on the other hand, are designed to be an extension of the motorhome itself. So there is typically no noticeable gap between the RV’s exterior walls and the screened in area. As a result, RVer’s won’t be exposed to the elements while transporting items to and from the screen room. The attached RV screen rooms are also normally easy to set-up and break down when it’s time to leave the campsite. The only real disadvantage, as we alluded to previously, is that it has to be stowed away any time the RV needs to be moved.

To learn more about the various RV screen rooms available today and determine which one might be right for your next camping trip, please contact us at (866) 332-7881

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