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Thetford 70224 RV Sani-Con Twist Sewer Waste System With Grey Water Bypass
Thetford 70224 RV Sani-Con Twist System With Grey Water Bypass
Thetford 70224 RV Sani-Con Twist System With Grey Water Bypass

Price: $379.95
MFG P/N: 70224
MFG: Thetford
UPC #: 28985702245

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DESCRIPTION Instructions
The RV Sani-Con Model 70224 is a waste management system that is more compact than the standard model 5800 and designed for those small waste compartments. Installation is easy. Just twist it onto the end of the 3" RV sewer connection, hook up the wiring and you are ready to empty the tanks. Can be used as a portable since it just twists on. The gray water bypass system allows the gray water tank to empty around the pump at parks with sewers. The system includes the new 21' x 1" retractable hose which retracts to only 7 ft. The molded nozzle includes a threaded sewer adapter for both 4" and 3" threads. Lifts 20' above the pump, up to 150' away at a 12-14 gallons per minute flow rate, the highest in the industry. The overall length of the pump and motor when installed is only 8.5" which takes up very little room to install. Requires a 12 volt circuit with at least 20 amps available. Do not hook to a light circuit in the sewer bay or to any other appliance that might be used at the same time, such as the water pump. All wiring terminals, breaker, mounting screws and 20' of wiring is furnished for installation.
  • Does not rely on gravity
  • Utilizing a heavy-duty transfer and macerating pump
  • Works like a household garbage disposal
  • No need for constant slope or cumbersome hose support
  • Less handling and easier method to empty tanks
  • Threaded nozzle designed to lock into a variety of dump inlets
  • Kit includes:
    • (1) 7' expands to 21' - 1" diameter. discharge hose
    • (1) macerator pump & on/off switch
    • (1) Telescoping discharge wand with drip cap for discharge hose
    • (1) wiring kit - includes 10 gauge wire, terminals, 20 amp resetting fuse.
    • (1) gray water bypass kit
  • Limited 1 year manufacturer warranty

Thetford RV Sani-Con Twist Sewer Waste System

Additional Product Information

What it does: This system utilizes a macerator pump to grind and pump waste up to 20 feet high and up to 350 feet away. It eliminates dealing with the traditional 3" waste hose, by using a 1" hose with valve. When dry camping and your gray tank gets filled, you can transfer the gray water from the gray tank to the black tank and make more gray water. Empty your tanks any time you need to, quickly, safely and cleanly. No rinsing the tanks with another water hose, do it all internally

How it works: The macerator pump suctions the waste from the tank, grinds it up to 1/8th inch or less and transfers it through a 1" hose to the waste receptacle. It will allow you to rinse the black tank with soapy water from the gray tank, which will help to degrease the black tank and keep the tank and the indicator lights working properly. Just hook up to the 3” sewer pipe and two wires to the 12 volt dc power supply and you are ready to pump your tanks. Includes a 21 ft expandable dump hose, 20 amp breaker and completely assembled ready to use.
Installation: Step by step detailed instuctions will be avialble online soon, kit does include full instructions.

Requirements: This model is design for motorhome applications.

Tools: Drill, phillips screw driver, flat blade screw driver, wire crimpers & wire cutters.

Time & Difficulty: Other than locating a 12 volt power source this is a very easy project to install. Installation time is 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Additional Items Needed: None