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RV Water Filters Filtered water is a necessity when traveling or camping with your RV. Neglecting RV water filters can cause water to have an off-taste, be full of sediment, or have an unpleasant odor. Depending on your RV model, budget, or frequency of use, there are plenty of filters to choose from that will make your RV water taste fresh, improve flow, and remain sediment free.
Top Suggestions For Better RV Water Filtration
  • Camco 40043 Tastepure Carbon Filter: This system uses an in-line exterior mounted filtration system. A 100 micron fiber barrier and carbon filter will protect your water system from bacteria, fungus, aluminum, cloudiness, lead, heavy metals, and much more. The Camco 40043 can last an entire season of regular use without needing replacement.
  • 3M Whole Vehicle Filtration Filter: Backed by quality only 3M can deliver, this filtration system uses .2 micron filtration technology to combat bad water odor and taste by filtering out over 99.99% of bacteria including mold, algae, and parasitic organisms. It is capable of filtering a 7,500 gallon system with ease. The flow rate of this filter is an impressive 2.5 GPM.
  • Shurflo Super Premium In-Line Filter: This universal in-line filter can be used in multiple filtration system types. It filters up to 3,900 gallons of water and employs 5 micron filtration technology to cleanse VOCs, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and bacteria from your water system. This filter is considered superior to carbon filters and uses dual-stage KDF-55 filtration to reduce chlorine taste, bad odors, and sediment.
To ensure your water is clean and fresh, it is important to check your water filtration system often. To test purity, you can purchase a Digital Water Purity Tester. This device can test for the presence of heavy metals, minerals, inorganic compounds, and other contaminants. The digital display shows highly accurate and easy to read results that can help you determine when it may be time to have your water system serviced.
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