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Taking Your Dog CampingYour dog is not just a pet, their more like family and more times than not, you take them where ever you go. Taking them on a camping trip can be fun but it can also be a lot of work. Going on a walk, swimming in the river or pond and then campgrounds have a lot of mud and dirt, in which they love to roll around in. So where do you clean them off at, you can't take them into the outhouse, if you have a camco portable camping shower then your problem is solved. The bag can be filled with water and then hung from a tree, where you can use the spray hose to rinse off your dog.
Another issue you may run into while camping with your pet, is trying to keep the flees and ticks off of them. When camping you spend the majority of your time outside and trying to keep these pests away can be a hassle. Here are a couple products you might want to to consider, an insect spray like Valterra Sniff N Stop will deter the bugs away from your pet and it is safe for them with its all natural formula. Also a tick remover would be great to have, dogs are a great host for ticks and once they latch on it is very difficult to get them off.
While on your trip you can use any type of feeding bowls, but we have a few that are specifically made just for being on the road. We carry the travel pet dishes that have two bowls, one side for water and one for food, fill them up, snap on the included lids and fold it up for easy carry. They can also be used to carry treats. How about an automatic pet dish or a spill proof water dish, with a sensor the automatic dish opens up when you dog gets within 1 ft. of it and closes when they walk away, keeping the bugs out and the spill proof dish will keep water in it even when your dog knocks it around. These dishes can help to keep the inside of your RV clean from your messy dog.
Speaking of a messy dog, trying to keep the inside of your RV clean with a dog running around can be next to impossible, so we have a few suggestions for cleaners that may be helpful in cleaning up those messes. A product that is always great to have around is a carpet cleaner, dogs track mud and dirt everywhere and if not paying attention upon letting them inside, they will get it all over your carpets. Next is an odor eliminator, without being able to properly bath your dog for the length of your trip your dog will start to stink, leaving odors around your RV, this spray will help to eliminate those odor making the inside smell fresh. This leads to our last product which is a pet freshener, a natural and safe formula, it also gets rid of pet odors in the air, but it can also be sprayed on your pet to to help get rid of the smell on them.
If you have any questions on any of our pet accessories, please feel free to contact us.
By Heather L

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