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It's Time For A Weight Distribution System When:

  • You experience trailer sway when trucks and buses pass by or in cross winds
  • The trailer is more than 50 percent of the weight of your tow vehicle
  • To much weight has been taken off the front wheels making it difficult to steer or stop your trailer
  • You want to tow at the highest capacity specified for your tow vehicle & hitch specifications
  • The rear of your tow vehicle is no longer level when the trailer is hitched up
Always check your tow vehicles hitch for maximum towing weight ratings and weight distribution ratings. If your hitch does not include a weight distributing capacity then it is not designed to be used with this type of system.

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Is it Time to Invest in Weight Distributing Hitch for Your Travel Trailer?

In most cases you are going to know when a weight distributing hitch and sway control are needed as you back up to that large travel trailer you just purchased. It's the hybrid, super lite and pop-up trailers that may have you wondering if you can for go add on hitch accessories. It is always better to error on the side of safety than run your camping setup on the limits of man and machine. Take the time to analyze the weights and ensure you are safely under the weights the manufacturer has set for your tow vehicle. Even if the numbers are well within the limits of your tow vehicle, if you are experiencing excessive trailer sway, or your tow vehicle sags dramatically when hitched, it maybe time for a weight distribution / sway control hitch. Remember, just because your vehicle has a hitch does not mean it can safely handle a weight distribution setup. Take the time before you head out and purchase that camping trailer to evaluate your hitch and it's limitations.

There are multiple systems on the market today, each with their own pros and cons. Some of the companies heavily involved in the manufacture of weight distributing hitches are Blue Ox, Camco, Equal-i-zer and Reese. Most of their systems may be distinguished from one another based on the head adjustment method, sway control type, surge brake compatibility and lift bracket type involved. Of course there will be variances in the types and amount of weight distributing each hitch system can handle as well as if sway control is incorporated or an add on.

Don't ruin the fun and relaxing experience RV'ing and camping have to offer with an uncontrollable and dangerous towing setup.

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