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Tri-Lynx Motion Sensor LightJust like with a car, having emergency supplies on hand in your RV can be crucial. This is especially true if you need to use your motorhome as a temporary shelter for an extended period. You’ll want to make sure you have these RV accessories with you to help with any situation that may crop up. Whether you are traveling this winter and don’t want to be stuck in a snowstorm, or you simply want to plan ahead for the upcoming RV season, here are some items to remember.

Of course, one of the most common types of problems that comes to mind are roadside emergencies. Some of the same items that you would keep in your car also applies to your camper or tow vehicle. This can include jumper cables, replacement bulbs, roadside flares, and extra fluids. You should also have reflective warning triangles to have another option besides the road flares. If you do choose to travel this winter, make sure you have snow clearing supplies such as brushes, ice scrapers, and snow shovels. Have jacks and a tire pressure gauge on hand in case one of your tires has a leak. Stay ahead of the curve with a tire pressure monitoring system that can alert you to any potential problems with your tires before they become an issue. Having an automotive tool kit with you will allow you to make easy repairs quickly. Tow straps can be essential in case you get stuck and need to have your trailer towed out of a tight spot. The roadside emergency kit from Performance Tool has a number of items to help in these situations that can be stored all in one carrying case.

Roadside emergencies aren’t the only problem to think about, however. In the event you would have to use your RV as a shelter, having extras of basic supplies as well as survival items is important. Survival ponchos and blankets are made of waterproof material that is also designed to hold in the heat. The reflective material also makes it easier to be seen. Having a working fire extinguisher in your RV is just as important as having one at home. Make sure it’s rated for Class B and Class C fires, which include both liquid and electrical fires. Speaking of electricity, make sure you have back-up power sources, such as solar panels or portable generators. Having ample light is also important for safety and security. Battery operated motion sensor lights such as the Courtesy Light from Tri-Lynx can be mounted wherever you may need a little extra illumination, whether it’s an emergency or not. You’ll also need to make sure you’re able to have contact with the outside world, so make sure your cell phone and other mobile devices stay charged.

These are just a few examples of RV accessories to have on hand. While no one likes to think about it, planning for potential emergencies ahead of time will help things go more smoothly in the event that you do run into a problem.

Motorhome Supplies to Have on Hand in Case of Emergencies