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Camco Olympian Stainless Steel GrillThe summer grilling season is not too far away, and with all the options available, it may be difficult to choose which model is best for you. The decision making can depend on a number of different factors. This can include cost, available space, local laws regarding outdoor cooking, personal preference, or even cooking skills. There are several different types of RV grills and grill accessories to choose from. Knowing the basic pros and cons can help you choose which grill will best fit your needs on your next RV trip.
Gas grills have a number of advantages that make them one of the more popular choices. They can provide greater control over continuous heating temperatures, making it easier when grilling meat and vegetables. These grills can heat up quickly, for more efficient cooking. Most also prefer the flavor provided by a gas grill as opposed to an electric grill. However gas grills may need more space depending on their size and their proximity to potentially flammable items. You'll also need to be aware of how much LP gas you'll need, especially when using your RV's supply. The Camco Olympian 5500 features a smoker plate that captures food drippings and vaporizes them, adding to the flavor of your food. It also reduces the risk of flare-ups. The Outdoors Unlimited gas grills have slightly less heat output compared to the Olympian 5500, but a larger cooking surface. All three of these models can be used as a sidekick or portable grill.
Electric grills are ideal when local laws or the amount of available space may put restrictions on the use of charcoal or propane. Unlike charcoal or gas, there is no need for a separate fuel supply. It also eliminates the potential hazard of gas leaks. Simply keep in mind the power draw this can have. Reaching temperatures hot enough for searing food can be a challenge with electric grills. To that end, the Cook Air portable grills can reach temperatures up to 1100 F. They do run on electric power, either through batteries or 120V power, which powers an electric fan that controls the temperature of the heating surface. The real source comes from the hardwood pellets, which are lit using a fire starter to provide a wood fired flavor. It can also be used as a smoker, for even more cooking options. Camco Olympian also has a hybrid grill, which can use either gas or electric to provide the advantages of each.
Cost can come into play if you decide on a charcoal grill, as they are typically less expensive than gas or electric. Charcoal grills also provide a unique flavor that is different from propane or electric grills. Like a gas grill, it should be used in an open area away from flammable items. Charcoal grills typically take a longer time to heat up, sometimes as much as a half hour. When factoring in cost, remember the cost of briquettes and fuel needed to ignite the charcoal. You'll also need the storage space to keep bags of briquettes with you while you are away from home. The Son of Hibachi grill from Mr Flame features fast heating charcoals that can be ready for food in just 10 minutes. The Combo Son of Hibachi grill comes with a snuff out pouch, which allows you to fold up the grill even while the coals are still hot. Its versatility lets you cook food in different ways, including placing food underneath the grill to keep it warm, placing one side on an end to get more direct heat, or even closing it and using it as an oven.