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MorShade Portable RV / Beach UmbrellaGetting the right amount of shade on an RV camping trip while dealing with the summer sun may not always be a successful venture. The options can be limited, depending on what you have available, such as canopies, pull down shades, or the amount of trees around your camp site. Likewise, at picnic sites, the tables don't always have the center hole for using a portable umbrella. To that end, an innovation from MorShade allows you to have shade at numerous angles, almost anywhere you need it.
The MorShade umbrella is constructed with strength and stability in mind, including steel ribbed supports and a steel pole. That, along with the sturdy mounting options and vented top, eliminates the common problem of having the umbrella potentially blow away or fall over in the wind. There's no need to worry about having it out on breezy days, as it can stand up to 20-30 mph winds. It provides more ample protection from the sun, due to the wide 9 foot diameter and the UPF 50+ designation, which indicates that 99% of UV rays are blocked.
There are two versions of this umbrella, the 180 and the 360, which are not named for the directional angles they are capable of. Both versions have a 5 position tilt, including a 45° angle, as well as a telescoping swivel pole. This allows you to take advantage of the shade no matter where the sun is positioned in the sky. The difference is in the amount of accessories that are included. Both include a flat base with a ratchet strap, spikes, and anchors for mounting on almost any flat, horizontal surface. The 360 extends your mounting options further by including a 45° bent pole along with the straight pole, a hitch accessory for mounting along a 4" RV bumper or 2" receiver hitch, and a tree hugger to mount vertically.
The ratchet strap helps secure the umbrella to picnic benches or tables. For a more permanent fixture, concrete anchors or wood lag bolts will mount the umbrella to a deck or patio. Use the ground spikes at a campground or park. The ground spikes are inserted at a 45° angle for greater stability. The flat base is used with the tree hugger on round trees or poles that are 8" in diameter or wider. The tree hugger also has notches for use on a square vertical post that is 3.5" to 5.5" in width. The ratchet strap secures the umbrella for vertical mounting as well. When it's time to pack up, the umbrella folds down and fits into two carrying cases: one 5ft carry bag for the umbrella, and a parts bag for the mounts and accessories. It can be carried to a site just as easily as a folding canvas camping chair.