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Winter isn’t over yet, but spring is not too far away, and with it comes the new RV camping season. There are a number of aspects involved in getting your RV ready for spring, beyond the main step of de-winterizing your plumbing. Here we’ll talk about other steps in the process, and make note of some products that will help with this task. From cleaning to vehicle inspection, here are some things to keep in mind when you take your RV out of storage.

Of course, one of the biggest steps is de-winterizing your plumbing system, which involves making sure the anti-freeze is completely flushed from the system and that it is sanitized before use. Before you start, make sure that the temperatures are going to remain above freezing. Basically, this requires having fresh water go through the plumbing system until the anti-freeze is gone. Faucets need to be turned on, as well as the water pump, until the water becomes clear. Remember this includes everything that was winterized in the fall, including ice makers, washing machines, and toilets. Make sure your water heater is no longer being bypassed. Using a bleach solution is the best way to sanitize your system, using 1/4 cup of bleach for a 15-gallon fresh water tank. Let this solution go through the system, then turn off the faucets when you start to smell bleach. It should sit for at least several hours, then flush it out using fresh water. This de-winterizing process is also the perfect opportunity to check the system for leaks. Because of this possibility, it's best not to leave your RV unattended during this part.

Besides that, you'll want to make sure all the different parts of your RV survived the winter and are in good travel condition. Batteries need to be charged and properly watered. Gas & electric appliances need to be checked to make sure they are still in good working order. Things such as smoke alarms & CO detectors will need new batteries after they were removed last fall. Basic vehicle maintenance, such as checking the tire pressure and engine fluids is also a good idea. You'll also want to inspect your motorhome inside and out for any evidence of insect or animal nests. Check to make sure there is no chance for leaking from the roof or around doors & windows. The LP gas tanks should be re-connected and checked for leaks. Typically, the easiest way is to use a small amount of soapy water around the connections, and look for new bubbles forming. We have a number of LP Gas parts and accessories, should you find that repairs are needed. The generator should be in proper working order, with a correct oil level, and no damage anywhere. Having the generator run for a short while under a light load gets it ready for more frequent use.

Lastly, you'll want your RV freshened up after sitting in storage for several months! Both the inside and outside should be thoroughly cleaned. Wash the outside, including any awnings. When cleaning the inside, keep an eye out for any signs of insects or animals that may have gotten in. We carry a number of interior & exterior cleaners, as well as cleaning supplies, to aid you in this task such as streak remover, telescoping brushes, glass cleaner, and stain remover. Bedding and towels should be washed so they're ready to go. Make a list of any supplies that need replacing, including fresh food when it comes time for this year's first camping trip.

Get Your RV Ready For Spring