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JT's 191023 Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer System 5th Wheel Kit - More Than 58"It's important to make sure that your RV camper is properly leveled in order to enjoy a comfortable camping trip. Certain features like the refrigerator, work best when they are level. RV leveling jacks and systems are made exactly for this purpose. Perhaps it's time that you made the upgrade.
Before you jack up the trailer, you need an accurate level that’s simple to use. One of the best levels you can buy is an all in one system like the Wheel Masters 6700 Level Master Giant Level . With this level you can operate your tongue jack, so both you and another person sitting in the driver seat can see what is going on. If you want to see your level from the rear view mirror, consider the Hoppy Rear View Level
Electric Hydraulic Jacks
When you want to make it easier on yourself, consider RV leveling jacks with 12 volt battery power. The AJ 70 Series 7,500 Lb unit is very easy to use and has a manual override option. It operates with a rocker switch and a lock feature to deter from theft or accidental use. The AJ 70 is a well-made unit that comes with universal mounting brackets. The override feature is made to work with a standard cord or cordless power drill. This jack is best for trailers eleven feet or smaller and can replace the jack that you are currently using.
Fifth Wheel Stabilizer Systems
If you have more than 58 inches between your landing gear, you may wish to consider the JT's 191023 Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer System 5th Wheel Kit This system installs permanently in the rear of the trailer attached to the front landing gear and scissors jacks. It will make your trailer solid and prevent the chassis from moving. In addition, you won't need to do any welding, as the kit comes with all of the hardware.
The Importance of Pads
If you’ve ever seen a trailer on jacks without pads on asphalt, then you know how important they are. Sturdy pads will keep your trailer from sinking into soft pavement in warm weather. Our AP Products 007-27257 Super Jack Pads are strong and light weight. You will receive two pads with each pack. We also have pads in packs of 4 and 10, to perfectly compliment your RV leveling jacks.
When you visit the RVupgrades website, you'll find a wide variety of jacks and leveling systems.