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RV Air Conditioner Maintenance If you have ever gone camping on one of those steamy summer weekends when it's just too uncomfortable to spend your entire trip outdoors, the last thing you want is an RV air conditioner that isn't working properly. A broken or inefficient air conditioner can make for an uncomfortable trip. With these maintenance tips, you’ll be able to prevent problems and better ensure that you and your fellow passengers stay cool and comfortable during road trips this summer.

As with most RV appliances and components, the air conditioner should be visually inspected. This should be done at least once a year, if not two or three times. Obviously the more often you use your RV, the more often you will have to check, due to increased use. The cover should still be in one piece, with no cracking, which can allow moisture to get inside. Also make sure that the unit is still sealed properly and does not have evidence of leaks.

To ensure proper operation, make sure airflow is not obstructed. This includes replacing or washing out clogged or dirty filters, as well as checking for dirt, leaves, nests, or other debris that could be blocking parts of the system. Filters should be inspected several times a year, more if your RV air conditioner is frequently used. If the fan does not freely spin, clearing debris or lubricating the fan may help solve the problem.

Make sure there is enough power available for the air conditioner to run, otherwise it may overheat and be susceptible to damage. If you have more than one unit, ensure that they alternate power as they should. They should not be running at the same time if you have an insufficient power supply. This holds true whether you are using shore power or a generator.

Obviously ensure that there is no power to the unit before inspecting it. The evaporator and condenser coils should also be kept clean, and the fins be kept straight. When cleaning out the interior components, take care not to direct the dust and dirt further into the unit.

For the most part it doesn't matter which brand of RV air conditioner you have, the maintenance process will be similar. Several Coleman Mach series units are available for purchase online, including the Coleman Mach 8. These units feature a low profile and can work in temperatures up to 120 F. They are available with various BTUs, so you can more easily find the one to accommodate the size of your RV. To further assist you, replacement parts such as shrouds, filters, capacitors, and ceiling assemblies are also available.

RV Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips