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Winegard Rooftop Mount Satellite AntennaOf course most people don't go on RV trips with the intent of watching TV the whole time, but when we are making use of it, the experience should go as smoothly as possible. Whether you are stuck inside on a rainy day, or simply wish to watch TV while you sit outside, a number of RV accessories from Winegard can make the process more enjoyable.
Making sure you find a strong signal can make or break TV watching on an RV trip. The Winegard SensarPro signal strength meter works with the Winegard Sensar antenna to find the strongest signal. You are able to locate the direction of the strongest signal when rotating the antenna, and to peak in signals before scanning for channels. This way you can find out how many channels are detected from a certain direction. It has several modes of operation, including the ability to adjust the gain depending on the available signal strength. For satellite antennas without automatic tuning, the Winegard satellite finder can make it easier. It uses an analog needle as well as an audio signal to allow you to make more precise adjustments. It also makes it possible for one person to do the job without needing assistance or blasting the TV volume.
Besides just locating a signal, other practical issues can be addressed as well. Certain Winegard portable units can be converted into permanent rooftop fixtures with a roof mounting kit. This way you can have the convenience of a portable model without having to pay the higher price tag of a permanent rooftop unit. When you have a portable antenna and wish it to stay that way, or if you have a satellite dish, tripod mounts are available to easily place the unit wherever you want. Power supplies can assist when you need to convert a 110V outlet into a 12V power source.
Keep in mind that certain accessories may only be compatible with certain models. If you have further questions on RV satellite antennas or their accessories, please feel free to contact us.
By Julie T

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