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Hughes Autoformer RV220-50-SP 50 Amp Voltage Booster with Advanced Surge Protection
Hughes Autoformer RV220-50-SP 50 Amp Voltage Booster
Hughes Autoformer 50 Amp Voltage Booster with Advanced Surge Protection

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Price: $659.99
MFG P/N: RV220-50-SP
MFG: Hughes Autoformer

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DESCRIPTION Instructions
The Hughes Autoformer 50 Amp Voltage Booster with Advanced Surge Protection has the same performance and reliability of the old RV220-50 now with advanced surge protection in one package. The surge / spike protection unit is also replaceable. In the event of a massive spike, the surge unit will take the hit ensuring your booster and more importantly, your RV stays safe.
  • 50 Amp – 12,000 Watts capacity.
  • Fully automatic 10% boost when needed.
  • Complete LED Park Power Diagnostics.
  • Boost indicator light.
  • 4800 Joules of Advanced Surge Protection Built-in.
  • Replaceable Surge Protection Unit.
  • Voltage Booster & Surge Protection in One Package.
  • Dimensions: 12”H x 9 ½“ W x 5” D.
  • Weight: 35 Lbs.
  • Not for marine use, as it is not waterproof.
  • Two-year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes: Cable lock with 2 keys
The unit is weatherproof, not waterproof. Therefore, do not allow them to sit in or collect water, and especially watch out for sprinkler systems (water under pressure). Modifying the Autoformer in any way will void the warranty.

Hughes Autoformer 50 Amp Voltage Booster with Advanced Surge Protection

Additional Product Information
Hughes Autoformers are designed to increase the voltage to your RV and help eliminate low voltage damage to your appliances. Unlike a boost transformer, the sense circuit in the Autoformer will adjust the output based on the load demand. For this reason, you can run additional appliances on a 30-amp input. With the increase in voltage to the RV (through the Autoformer), the amperage demand will be lower and the overall performance will be greater. Moreover, your appliances will operate smoothly and efficiently without premature wear and damage to the motors and compressors. With an operation range of 95 to 115 volts input, the Autoformer will correct your RV voltage to safe and efficient levels.

Appliance failure can be costly, as well as frustrating and inconvenient. Many AC motors burn out due to higher than rated current draw caused by low voltage.

The wiring in many RVs is smaller than the wire used in homes. Therefore motors need to be lighter and smaller, and we need higher voltage and lower amperage. While the voltage at the park connection may be enough, the voltage in the RV may be lower, sometimes by several volts. The further you move away from the input, the smaller the wire and the greater the load, leading to dropped voltage. It is very common for some parks to have reduced power as much as 10 volts.

If breakers are tripping with a small load, check the breaker and the load. If you are pulling too much power for the system, simply use fewer items at a time. Remember: the refrigerator, electric hot water heater element, and the battery charger may constantly be on and drawing power. If a breaker trips at the park pole, chances are you are using too much power for that particular breaker. Park breakers are often heavily over-used and/or abused.