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You definitely don't want to set off on a road trip in your RV without making sure that you have a secure source of electricity as well as adapters and power cords for all of your major devices and generators. If you pull up to a campground and want to hook up to their electricity, you may discover that your RV runs on a different outlet. Make sure you always carry an RV power adapter, specifically one that works with both 30 amp and 50 amp. A male to female extension amp, an RV adapter plug, and a few replacement plugs are also handy things to have along for the ride.

RV Power Cord Adapters

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Marinco 1RPCRV Right Angle 30 Amp Adapter Marinco Right Angle 30 Amp Adapter In Stock
Price: $46.84
9 in stock!
Marinco 124ARV 50-30 Amp Rv Adapter Marinco 50-30 Amp Rv Adapter In Stock
Price: $64.10
19 in stock!
Surge Guard 95433308 50 Amp Replacement Plug Surge Guard 50 Amp Replacement Plug In Stock
Price: $17.87
15 in stock!
Marinco Detachable Power Conversion Kit 30 Amp Marinco Detachable Power Conversion Kit 30 Amp In Stock
Price: $112.46
20 in stock!
Marinco 6364CRV Female Connector, 50 Amp Marinco Female Connector, 50 Amp In Stock
Price: $105.38
23 in stock!
Marinco Molded RV 30 Amp Adapter Marinco Molded RV Cord 30 Amp, 1' In Stock
Price: $40.88
23 in stock!
Marinco 305CRCN 30 Amp Female Connector Marinco 30 Amp Female Locking Connector In Stock
Price: $36.18
2 in stock!
AP Products 16-00581 30 Amp Replacement Receptacle AP Products 30 Amp Replacement Receptacle In Stock
Price: $21.30
21 in stock!
Marinco 103ELRV 30A Waterproof Cover w/ Ring Marinco 30A Waterproof Cover w/ Ring In Stock
Price: $19.13
10 in stock!

RV Generator Adapters

Aside from a handful of RV campers and travelers who enjoy roughing it without power, most of us will enjoy having access to generator power on occasion. In order to harness the power of your generator and power up your electronic devices, you will need to have a RV to generator adapter aboard. RV power cords, as well as extension power cords, can also help you to reach plugs and outlets that are far away from the RV. Remember that it is much easier to simply plug in an extension cord to connect your RV to an electricity source than it would be to move the entire RV once you have already set up for the night.