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RV Power Surge Protectors

Protect your valuable electronics and electrical equipment with RV power surge protectors. A surge in electricity can prove catastrophic for your electronic devices and RV electrical systems if they aren’t properly protected. With a large, high-end RV, a power surge could end up costing thousands of dollars to replace the equipment, appliances, and electrical systems that are damaged. Unfortunately, power surges are unpredictable problems. Protect your electronics and electrical systems with surge protectors from We carry a wide range of surge protectors from manufacturers including Surge Guard and Progressive. RV surge protector shopping is made easy with our comprehensive comparison guide that will help you determine which surge protector is right for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our surge protectors. One of our RV experts will answer any questions you have!

RV Surge Protection
RV Surge Protection Comparison

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Progressive Industries 50 To 30 Amp Compact Rugged Adapter Permanent Surge Guard - 30 amp Hardwired Surge Guard Portable Ground Fault Surge Guard Voltage Regulator
Surge Guard 10176 10176 Voltage Regulator - 30 Amp Surge 30A Entry Level Portable Surge Protector Surge Guard Automatic Transfer Switch Surge Guard Universal Lock Hasp
Surge Guard 34590 Universal Lock Hasp
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Progressive RV Surge Protector Progressive Industries Remote Display - For use with EMS- HW series only. Progressive Industries Hardwired 30 Amp RV Surge Protector - W/Remote Display Progressive Industries Hardwire 50 Amp RV Surge Protector - W/Remote Display
Progressive Industries 30 Amp RV Surge Protection Progressive Industries 50 Amp Replacement Receptacle Progressive Industries Portable 30 Amp RV Smart Surge Protector Progressive Industries Portable 50 Amp RV Smart Surge Protector
Progressive 30 Amp Electrical Management system EMS-LCHW30 Surge Guard Optional Remote Surge Guard 40258 Optional 50' Communication Cable For Surge Guard 40350-RVC Surge Guard Plus Power Monitor
Progressive Industries 30 to 50 Amp Adapter Permanent Surge Guard - 30 amp Hardwired Permanent Surge Guard - 50 amp hardwired Surge Guard Entry Level Portable Surge Protector
Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector 30 Amp Camco Power Defender Camco 55301 Power Defender 30 Amp Voltage Protector Monitor Power Defender 30 Amp Voltage Analyzer
RV Surge Protection - Whether you recently had power issues, read about them in the forums or had discussions with RV'ing friends, deciding which system to go with can be a daunting task. The first thing we suggest is utilizing our RV Surge Protection Comparison Guide to help decide which features you would like protecting your RV. There are currently two manufacturers of RV surge protectors; Surge Guard and Progressive Industries. We have used and tested both companies products and they both work equally as well. There are small feature and product size differences between the two manufacturers and the comparison guide will help in determining which unit will work best for your application.

To help you get started in your selection you will need to determine your RV's power requirement which will be either 30 or 50 amps. Next will be whether a portable or hardwired unit makes the most sense. If you really hate dealing with electricity or plan on changing RV's soon then a portable unit is designed just for you. Plug the unit into the campground power post, plug your RV's power plug into the unit and your protected. Looking for a more custom installation? The Surge Guard and Progressive hardwired surge protection units are the perfect choice. Generally mounted in an electrical bay some of the units even have additional monitors to read what the electrical power is doing from inside as well as outside your RV.

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