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Coiled Trailer Cables

Heavy Duty Trailer Coiled Cables are the ultimate solution for anyone who tows a trailer. Coiled Cables replace those loose flimsy wires that hang down and drag between the vehicle and trailer. These “plug and tow” coiled cords are available with high quality molded connectors on each end provides for a strong & reliable connection for important Running Lights, Turn Signals & Brakes!
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Electricity is a marvel and a luxury even to this day. It’s incredible what we have done and how we have harnessed the power of electricity. However, there is one issue that electricity poses, especially when it’s utilized in an RV or a motorhome: irksome wires.

Electrical wires, no matter how long or short, can be aggravating to deal with. When they’re too long, they are more likely to be in your way. If they’re too short, they won’t reach where they need to reach, yet they still manage to be in places you don’t want them to be!

This is especially true for those wires that hang between your trailer and vehicle. That is where coiled cables come in. Coiled cables are a convenient solution to those wires that dangle where you don’t want them to. They also pose as an extra safety measure so the wires don’t rip, tear, or pose other problems for you and other drivers.

These cables can easily be pulled to be elongated, then let go so they can coil up, making them far shorter and out of the way. These cables are ideal for those looking to plug, tug, and roll.

We have an abundance of coiled cables for you to choose from so you get the right type or types for your RV or motorhome. Just some of the examples we have include the following:

6-Foot 4-Way Round Plugs
6-Foot 6-Way Round Plugs to Round Plugs
4-Way Flat Male to 4-way Flat Female
Nite-Glow Flexcoil 7-Blade to 4-Flat Adapters
Nite-Glow Flexcoil 6-Round to 6-Round Adapters

All of our offerings of coiled cables are of the highest quality to allow for seamless electrical connections. This then creates flawless displays of your taillights, brake lights, and turn signals to those behind you and your trailer. The use of these cables is highly advised to increase your safety--along with enjoyment and patience-- to the utmost levels.

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