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Tire Pressure Monitors

Many RV's and campers have significantly under-inflated tires, primarily because drivers have very few visual cues that warn them of low tire pressure until it's to late.  All tires lose air pressure due to natural leakage and seasonal climatic changes. Driving with under-inflated tires could increase your risks of Tire Failures, Increased Stopping Distance, Reduced Tread Life and Reduced Fuel Economy.
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Did you know that tire blow out is one of the leading causes of auto accidents? A tire with low pressure is a lot more sensitive to debris and obstacles. It does not take much to make a tire blow out once the pressure drops below a certain level.

A tire blowing out usually causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle, which is how accidents occur. As an RV driver, it is especially important that you take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening. Losing control of your RV while driving on the highway puts you, your family and other drivers in serious danger.

You can do two things to reduce the risks of a tire blowing out. First of all, invest in some high quality tires. Always purchase brand new tires and replace them regularly. A lot of RV owners fail to realize that keeping a loaded RV in storage for months at a time shortens the life of the tires. You should carefully inspect your tires for signs of wear and tear such as cracks, scuffs, cuts and wrinkles before going on a trip.

Secondly, you should measure tire pressure before taking your RV on the road and check it regularly throughout your trip. The ideal load and pressure should be clearly indicated on the tires. Make sure the pressure is identical on both sides of an axle and keep in mind that the tire pressure should never exceed the maximum limit indicated on the tires.

A quality tire pressure monitor keeps you informed of any fluctuations in tire pressure in real time without having to stop at a gas station. Utilizing a TPMS in your vehicle will give you the peice of mind that your rolling on properly infated tires at all times.

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