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There are many different types of hoses on the market today, but as far as your RV water hose is concerned, you want to get one that is safe to use for drinking water. Hoses that are safe to use for your drinking water supply are usually white, or have something printed on the label that states it is safe to use for drinking water. That means that most (green) garden hoses are out. Never use your fresh water hose for anything else other than filling your fresh water tank. Remember that the water that goes through that hose will be the water you could be drinking or cooking with. The Apex Aquaflex Water Hose has a lead free design and is safe for use with water you will be drinking. Not having the proper hose could lead to health hazards, water contamination and bacteria build up in your hose. When hooking up to any water source turn the water on and let it run through each piece you use before connecting it to the next, this way all the parts are rinsed and are cleaned out a bit. If your RV has been sitting in storage or just has not been used in awhile it is a good idea to flush out and sanitize your fresh water tank and use a small amount of bleach to run through your drinking hose to kill any bacteria that may be clinging to stagnate water trapped inside it. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you have.

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Coil n' Wrap Heavy Duty Carry Strap EZ Stor Storage Bag 5ft Water Hose Ebonyline Water Hose - 10ft
Coil n' Wrap 006-8 Heavy Duty Carry Strap
In Stock
: 14.68
11 in stock!
Valterra W01-0011 Ebonyline Water Hose - 15ft 4' RV Drinking Water Hose 10ft drinking water hose 15ft water hose
Camco 22763 4' RV Drinking Water Hose
In Stock
: 4.73
87 in stock!
Camco 22743 RV Drinking Water Hose - 10ft
In Stock
: 7.02
89 in stock!
25ft water hose Apex Aquaflex?? Water Hose, 1/2 x 50' 25ft RV water hose Apex NeverKink Water Hose 25' - 1/2 Drinking Water Safe!
Apex 7503-25 Aquaflex RV Water Hose - 25ft
In Stock
: 10.41
94 in stock!
Apex 7503-50 1/2" X 50' Aquaflex Water Hose
In Stock
: 17.42
91 in stock!
Apex 8602-25 Neverkink Water Hose 25' - 5/8 Drinking Water Safe! Apex 8602-50 NeverKink Water Hose - 50' Female hose fixer Hose Fixer & Coupler
Apex 8602-50 NeverKink Water Hose - 50'
In Stock
: 27.48
91 in stock!
Valterra A01-0060VP Hose Fixer & Coupler
In Stock
: 1.99
73 in stock!
25ft fresh water hose Water Hose Coiler Straps Camco Fresh Water Hose 25 ft coiled water hose
Coil n' Wrap Water Hose Coiler Straps
In Stock
: 4.41
40 in stock!
Camco 22843 Premium Water Hose - 5/8" x 35'
In Stock
: 22.40
90 in stock!
Camco TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose - 1/2" x 12' Camco TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose Camco TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose 50' Camco Fresh Water RV Hose
Camco 22853 Premium Water Hose - 5/8" x 50'
In Stock
: 28.44
89 in stock!
Camco Fresh Water Hose Camco Fresh Water Hose Black Motorhome Spray Away Exterior Wash Station Heated Fresh Water Hose
Camco 22833 Premium Water Hose - 5/8" x 25'
In Stock
: 18.40
93 in stock!
Camco 22823 Premium Water Hose - 5/8" x 10'
In Stock
: 11.76
84 in stock!
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