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RV Power Cord Reels

We've all been there - you arrive at a campsite, maybe late at night, and you end up spending more time untangling power cords and hoses than it takes to actually set up your campsite. Don’t let unorganized electrical cords keep you from enjoying your weekend. At, we carry a wide range of power cord reels that will make setting up and breaking down your campsite quick and easy. From standalone power cord reels to mountable RV cord reels, we have the RV power cord reel that will work for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our RV parts experts about our selection of electrical cord and hose reels. Our customer service is knowledgeable and happy to help you make your selection or process your order. Our customer service and everyday low prices are second to none!

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RV Power Cord Reels takes the hassle out of retrieving your power cord and worse trying to store it without making a mess out of everything. A leader in RV cord reels, Shoreline provides models to accommodate most size storage bays with vertical, low profile and flat configurations. Whether you choose a manual or motorized cord reel you will find that they are easy to use with push button cable retraction and storage or the crank of a handle. All of our power cord reels feature zero effort cord pull out, no heavy pulling required. The biggest benefit of a cord reel is the compact storage of your RV's power cable in the smallest possible area. And cord reels are an easy DIY installation that can be accomplished in short order. You will find all of our power cord reels are built to last and designed to provide maintenance free use.

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