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Propane Tank Adapters & Fittings

Camper, trailer and motorhome owners needing adapters and accessories for their rigs' LPG systems should find exactly what they need at From top manufacturers like U.S.-based Camco, an industry-leader for more than 40 years, we offer a full line of tees, propane tank adapters, multi-port extension hoses, propane tank fittings, and connection kits.

Whether you need to adapt your system to handle one or more additional propane appliances like tabletop grills or camp stoves, or extend a hose-line to move an appliance farther away from the tank, you'll find an appropriate connector, hose or adapter here at RVUpgrades. The GasStop Adapter, which features a fuel indicator and leak-detector, lets you upgrade older tanks with a positive-sealing, leak-tight connection.

If you have any questions about our propane tank accessories, don’t hesitate to contact the RV parts experts at We are always here to help you make the best choice for your RV.

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Propane Adapter Cavagna 66-C-290-0010 GasStop Adapter Camco 3 Port Propane Tee Camco 59103 3 Port Propane Tee Kit
Camco 59203 Olympian Propane Adapter
In Stock
: 11.40
58 in stock!
Cavagna 66-C-290-0010 GasStop Adapter
In Stock
: 28.95
59 in stock!
Camco 59093 3 Port RV Propane Tee
In Stock
: 28.64
63 in stock!
Camco 59103 3 Port Propane Tee Kit
In Stock
: 57.42
50 in stock!
4-Port Propane Tee 4-Port Propane Tee Kit 90 Degree Propane Tee Camco 90 Degree Propane Tee Kit
Camco 59113 4 Port Propane Tee
In Stock
: 35.41
63 in stock!
Camco 59123 4 Port Propane Tee Kit
In Stock
: 81.21
71 in stock!
Camco 59133 90 Degree Propane Tee
In Stock
: 36.14
65 in stock!
Camco 59143 90 Degree Propane Tee Kit
In Stock
: 59.74
61 in stock!
Camco 59213 Campfire Propane Adapter Marshall Excelsior 7/8" Excess Flow POL Propane Adapter Marshall Excelsior Cylinder Adapter with O-Ring Marshall Excelsior 1-15/16"F.Acme x 1"-20 Male Adapter Connector
Camco 59213 Campfire Propane Adapter
In Stock
: 25.43
64 in stock!
MB Sturgis Sturgi-Stay Propane Adapter Kit MB Sturgis 1/4" Female Inverted Flare x 1/4" Male NPT Adapter MB Sturgis Sturgi-Safe Steak Saving Adapter MB Sturgis 1/4" Female Inverted x 1/4" Female Inverted Flare X 1/4" Male Adapter
MB Sturgis Sturgi-Safe Dual Type 1 Tee Fitting MB Sturgis Male Type 1 ACME Threads x 1/4 Inch Male NPT Adapter MB Sturgis Type 1 Retro Q Adapter JR Products Inverted Flare To MPT Connector
MB Sturgis 402152PKG Type 1 Retro Q Adapter
In Stock
: 30.20
72 in stock!
Marshall Excelsior Replacement POL O-Ring Backup LP Cylinder Adapter Marshall Excelsior Last Chance Adapter with Quick Closing Poppet Marshall Excelsior 1-5/16" F. Acme x 1"-20 Male x 1"-20 Male Type 1 Adapter Tee
Marshall Excelsior Flow Longer Tee W/Type 1 Acme Marshall Excelsior Stay Longer Tee With Soft Nose POL Marshall Excelsior Excess Flow POL - Soft Nose Adapter Marshall Excelsior Full Flow Soft Nose POL Adapter With Plastic Handwheel