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Flow-Rite RV Battery Watering System
Many RV'ers do not realize that the deep cycle batteries used to power the 12V portion of their RV requires ongoing maintenance. One of the key components in those house/coach batteries is water and as they cycle through the charging process they will lose water potentially exposing the lead plates and damaging the ability for a battery to hold a charge. Here are some reasons to consider a Flow-Rite battery system:
  • Safety: Many people do not realize that deep cycle batteries give off very explosive gases as they reach a full or overcharged state. Limited the amount of time you need to be working on those batteries is key. Once a Flow-Rite system is installed you no longer will need to remove battery covers, brackets, and other devices to access the water caps keeping you out of danger from those gases.
  • Extending Battery Life: When the batteries in your RV are watered properly using one of these systems, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your RV's batteries will last much longer than without. This can help save you money since you won't need to replace the batteries as often.
  • Convenience: Accessing house/coach batteries can be a challenge in many RV's and a good reason for purchasing a quality battery watering system. Once installed, adding water is as simple as connecting a quick connect hose and squeezing the fill bulb until it becomes firm. This is a great alternative to watering batteries by removing each individual cap and trying to pour distilled water in a cramped compartment.
If you have any questions about the benefits of battery watering systems or what would be ideal for your RV, we urge you to contact us.

RV Battery Watering System

Using an RV battery watering system not only makes battery maintenance easier, it prolongs the life of those batteries. Flow-Rite is a top manufacturer of battery watering systems and their Qwik Fill battery watering system is the product of choice by RV'ers. The system is easy to install with simple to cut tubing and fittings linking the Pro-Fill proprietary caps for any battery setup. The quick connect water filling bulb, will have your batteries topped off in less than than minute. The system eliminates the removal and installation of battery caps each time you need to check your batteries. Simply attach the squeeze bulb, insert the end into a distilled water jug, squeeze the bulb until it gets hard, and your done. The smart system caps auto stop filling once the cell has been fully watered. Avoid battery acid burns, ruined clothing, and noxious fumes. The time saving and convenience alone makes the Flow-Rite Battery System the perfect choice for your RV's battery maintenance. Snap on/snap off water connections and fast battery filling turns the often ignored task of watering batteries into a quick, simple task!

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