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RV Caulks and Sealants

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Dicor 402-PR Patchit Roof Repair Maintenance Kit Dicor 402-PR Patchit Roof Repair Maintenance Kit In Stock
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Eternabond EB-EKPTC-WH EternaCaulk - White Eternabond EB-EKPTC-WH EternaCaulk - White In Stock
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Eternabond EternaCaulk Black Sealant Eternabond EB-EKPTC-BL EternaCaulk Black In Stock
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Sealants are a necessary tool for every RV - new, used, and every RV in between. RV sealants come in many varieties depending on the type of seal required and where it is located - either on the roof, inside, outside, around vents, antennas, windows and walls. Here are 10 tips and tricks to make sure you are using the right sealant on the right spots for your RV:

  1. As a general rule, stay away from silicon. Not much else will stick to it, and it tends to degrade quickly.
  2. When using Eternabond or Dicor in caulking tubes, make sure you practice and use in places that are not highly visible as it can be quite messy.
  3. Always prepare the area before exposing seams for repair or opening cans to make sure other surfaces including counters and floors are protected.
  4. RV caulks are designed specifically for use on RV materials - generic household caulks will not hold a proper seal and may do more damage to your RV.
  5. Dicor caulks come in two styles for vertical and horizontal "self-leveling" applications. Make sure you use the right caulk for the right application.
  6. Eternabond tape is the best solution for external roof seams. When it comes time to replace external roof seams a combination of Eternabond tape and seam eliminator is the most economical long-term fix.
  7. Read the label for watertight seals, removable without damaging the gelcoat, and avoid marine-grade ingredients (usually polyurethane and silicone).
  8. Most RV's have a rubberized roof called EDPM. Use only those products that are specifically approved for use on EDPM as anything else will not stick and will damage the membrane.
  9. Wherever your RV requires sealant, make sure to remove 100% of the old, leaking or cracked sealant before applying the new sealant for a reliable seal. (An exception is the Eternabond EternaSeam Roof Seam Eliminator, which can be applied directly over any existing seam except silicon.)
  10. Make sure to have several products on hand including a cleaner, primer, RV grade caulk and tape to successfully replace seams from start to finish.