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Lippert Hydraulic Cylinders

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For RVs equipped with slide-out rooms, hydraulic cylinders are the life of the apparatus and enable quick and easy actuation of the system. Many camping enthusiasts prefer to use hydraulic models because they are faster and smoother than electric models. These hydraulic models are also a prime solution for RVs that have multiple slide systems.

Many slide out systems contain between 1 and 4 cylinders. If your system has cylinders that have worn out and need to be replaced, first identify which of them needs attention by testing each cylinder, one at a time, with the slide-outs retracted.

Once you have determined which cylinders need to be replaced, extend all of the slide outs fully, note the exact location of the Nylock nut, and then remove it from the threaded portion of the piston rod. Then retract the cylinder you wish to replace before removing the extend fitting from it with the hose attached; install this in the extend port of the new cylinder.

Then, extend the old cylinder once more, remove the retract fitting with the hose attached and install it in the retract port of the new cylinder. Replace the original Nylock nut in the location of the new hydraulic cylinder that corresponds to the exact location of the old cylinder.

Retract the room, then extend and retract the slideout once more to expel any air that may have been introduced to the system during replacement. For more information on replacing these cylinders or how to test units with no IRC (Individual Room Control) systems, please consult the previous links.