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Motorcycle Carriers

Are you looking to take your motorcycle with you on your next camping trip, well you have come to the right place. RV Upgrades has a variety of different brands and size racks to carry your bike including Blue Ox, Versa Haul and Ultra Fab. These rear hitch carriers for your RV are extremely well built and very easy to install.  Before installing a carrier, check to make sure your motorhomes hitch is rated to carry the extra weight of your motorcycle.
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Single Motorcycle Carrier Double Motorcycle Carrier Double Motorcycle Carrier with Ramp Motorcycle Ramp
Versa-Haul VH-55 Single Motorcycle Carrier
In Stock
: $362.25
1 in stock!
Versa-Haul RV Motorcycle Carrier Blue Ox 5 1/2" Extra Tire Support Versa haul Tail Light Kit Ultra-Fab Motorcycle Carrier
Blue Ox SC9001 5 1/2" Extra Tire Support
In Stock
: $67.28
Deal of the Day Price: $50.00
2 in stock!
Sport Bike Carrier Versahaul Sport Motorcycle with Ramp Sport Motorcycle Ramp ATV And Go-Cart Carrier
Versa-haul VH-SPORT RK Sport Bike Ramp
In Stock
: $135.70
2 in stock!
Versa-haul VH-90 ATV And Go-Cart Carrier
In Stock
: $665.85
1 in stock!
ATV And Go-Cart Carrier with Ramp ATV And Go-Cart Ramp Versa-haul Lawn And Garden Carrier Versa-haul Lawn And Garden Carrier with Ramp
RV Lawn And Garden Ramp Versa-haul Scooter Carrier - With Ramp Versa-haul Jet Ski Carrier Versa-haul Trike Carrier
Versa-haul AutoMoto Carrier Versa-haul MP3 Carrier Versa-haul Cargo Case Storage Bin Carrier
Versa-Haul VH-CHOCK Wheel Chock For Motorcycle Carriers Versa-Haul VH-050C Extended Wheel Stop

Having a motorcycle with you while you travel in your RV is a great way to get around and see the sites without having to tow a car. But getting that bike there poses a number of issues and forcing your bike inside your motorhome is not a good option. Fortunately, there’s another option out there that lets you bring along your bike safely so that you can ride it wherever you go with your RV and it's called a motorcycle carrier. Here are few things to consider if your in the market for a carrier.


Unless you want your bike to tilt back and forth creating all sorts of havoc you will want a carrier that features an anti-tilt bracket. Versa-Haul carriers have include this with every carrier keeping your motorcycle stable while traveling to your destination.

Hitch Compatibility

Be sure to choose a carrier designed to handle the weight and size of your motorcycle. It's also important to verify the hitch on your motorhome, truck or camper is capable of carrier the load of the carrier and bike combined.

Bike Adaptability

Another good feature to have is the ability to handle some different features on bikes, such as wide bike tires. If the tires on your bike are a bit wider than normal, then you don’t want to spend the money on a carrier only to find that the tires won’t fit properly.