Eternabond RV Roof Repair

Eternabond RV Roof Repair

Eternabond RV Roof Repair

Motor home and RV roof repair and maintenance is an essential step in guaranteeing the long life of your investment. Most manufacturers of RVs and motor homes install rubber (EPDM) or TPO roofs on their vehicles because they are lightweight and flexible, while some choose fiberglass or aluminum because they provide a hard surface. All are sleek looking. Nevertheless, rubber and TPO roofs are more susceptible to damage, especially from overhead objects such as branches; whereas fiberglass and aluminum roofs are more susceptible to stress cracks and pitting from oxidation. The bottom line is that all RV roofs, left unattended will eventually leak.

Most non-accident-caused RV leaks are going to originate at the front and rear roof caps and along the top of the RV side wall, and the seals that are required at every penetration through the roof for air conditioning, antennas, etc. With all of these weak points combined with poor RV roof maintenance (the manufacturers recommend your RV roof be resealed at all seams and penetrations on no less than a bi-yearly basis), and the duress an RV undergoes with every 70 mph run down the highway, is it any wonder that RV roof leaks are so common and one of the most disheartening things that can happen to an RVer, especially in this time of "Mold awareness"?

Proper Motor Home and RV Roof Repair and Maintenance

The best roof leak is the one that never happens. This can only be accomplished with regular roof maintenance which means re-sealing the seams and penetrations on a yearly basis. However, if your roof ever does spring a leak, for any reason, then the best roof leak an RV can develop is the one you see because it results in a drip inside the RV. It is the one you do not see that will ruin your beautiful dream machine! Leaks and tears in an RV roof can quickly lead to the need for more expensive repairs. Such leaks can allow liquid and moisture to access the inner structure of the vehicle, leading to the saturation and collapse of the insulation followed by dryrot and the development of mold and mildew inside the roof and wall cavity of your beloved RV, and it is a major cause of wall delaminating. It is typically recommended that you perform two thorough maintenance checks per year. But what should be done if a leak is found? What should be done if the roof looks tight but maintenance is needed before a leak develops?

The simplest and most effective way to fix a leak or tear on an RV roof comes in the form of a revolutionary new product known as EternaBond. Not only is EternaBond fast and easy to use but it instantly creates a permanent waterproof seal regardless of the material of which your RV roof is constructed, and the EternaBond will last the life of your RV roof. No additional products are needed; simply clean the affected area and apply enough EternaBond tape to cover the damage, then rub or roll aggressively. EternaBond is pressure activated.

Unless regular maintenance is performed on your RV roof, leaks are inevitable. Why subject yourself to the old costly and time consuming methods of maintenance or patching up your roof on a yearly basis, when you can do what so many RV manufacturers are doing and enjoy the simplicity of a one-time product like EternaBond? As convenient as a roll of tape, EternaBond has a minimum of a 5-year shelf life. Try to find another product that can still be used on a roof after 5 years of sitting in your tool box!

More importantly, it will contract and expand with your roof, never losing its adhesive power. Once you have put Eternabond on your roof, you are done with seam maintenance forever (or darned close)!

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