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DehumidifiersWhether you live in your RV, trailer or camper, or you store it for a period of time while not in use, a dehumidifier is always great to have. If you live somewhere where the weather is warm and humid, they can remove the harmful humidity or condensation that gets trapped on the inside, that causes mold and mildew. Even if it's cold and you store your vehicle, there might not be much humidity but because it may be sitting for a long time, it is still susceptible to moisture, which is not good for your vehicle.
Mold and mildew inside your RV, can be caused by anything , from taking a shower, cooking, our body heat or breathing, weather and much more. It can do a lot of damage including ruining your clothes, furniture, the walls, floors and the vehicle structure. As you know it can also cause a lot of health issues from breathing problems to allergic reactions, not to mention the horrible smells that are hard to wash out of materials.
Here are a few examples of the dehumidifiers we carry and how they work:
The Eva-Dry EDV-2200 Mid-Size RV Dehumidifier is quiet and absorbs moisture at a fast rate. It can effectively reduce moisture in areas as big as 2,200 cubic feet, making it perfect for a trailer, RV or camper. It is a plug in and comes with a 12 V DC power cord and a 110 V standard power cord. Once you turn it on you won't have to worry about checking it because it has a water level detector switch that will let you know when the water tank is full. The tank has a 2 liter capacity.
The Eva-Dry EDV-1100 Petite Dehumidifier is great for small areas including smaller RV's trailers and campers, especially in areas like the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. It can reduce moisture in areas up to 1,100 cubic feet and has a 16 oz water tank with an indicator light to let you know when it is full. This one includes the 110 V plug only.
The Dri-Z-Air DZA-U Moisture Remover has a 360 degree coverage and is very effective at preventing mold and mildew in RVs. It does not have a plug and is very simple to use, all you do is pour the crystals into the container and set it where ever you need. You do not have to change it until the crystals are fully dissolve and turned to liquid. The liquid can then be flushed down the toilet and the container can be refilled.
Choosing a dehumidifier can be a process, if you have any questions, please contact us.
By Heather L

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