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Intellitec WPT1000 RV Digital Water Purity Tester
Digital Water Purity Tester
IntelliTEC WPT1000 RV Digital Water Purity Tester

Normally: $15.87
MFG P/N: WPT1000
MFG: Intellitec
UPC #: 840594066392

Availability: No Longer Available
Product Code: 88-1462

The RV Digital Purity Tester instantly and accurately measures purity of your drinking water. This tester helps you determine the need for water filtration system or avoid water with possible harmful contaminates. Campgrounds don't always have the greatest water source but, with the Digital Water Purity Tester you can protect your family from contaminated water in unfamiliar territory. The purity tester will detect asbestos, lead, mercury, arsenic and other impurities. This will help you determine if the water source is safe enough to drink of if a filtration system is needed. Can also be used in your home, office, on the road, or elsewhere.Within a few seconds, this digital water purity tester detects many metals, minerals, dissolved solids, as well as some in organic elements. The elements being detected in your water may or may not be considered harmful. Even if the elements in your water are not considered harmful, those elements can negatively affect the taste of your water and this water quality tester can help you to identify the steps needed for better tasting water. Features lab quality technology in a very simple to use compact format. Measurements used with this water quality tester is in parts-per-million (PPM), meaning the higher the reading the more of a chance that there are harmful contaminants in your water.

  • Instantly and accurately measure water purity at home, in the office, or on the road
  • Know when to change your water filter
  • Determine the need for water filtration system
  • Avoid water with possible harmful contaminants
  • Measures the total dissolved solids in water
  • Unit does not detect virues, bacteria, microorganisms, organic chemicals
  • The IntelliTEC WPT1000 RV Digital water Purity Tester takes a SR44W battery(You can purchase these at any local retail store)

Intellitec WPT1000 RV Digital Water Purity Tester