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EFI Live Autocal-RV Workhorse Custom Tune & Programmer - 2001-2002 & 2004-2010 GM 8.1L Engine
EFI Live Workhorse Custom Tune & Programmer - 2001-2002 & 2004-2010 GM 8.1L Engine
EFI Live Autocal-RV Workhorse Custom Tune & Programmer - 2001-2002 & 2004-2010 GM 8.1L Engine

Normally: $459.95
MFG P/N: autocal-rv
WEIGHT (lbs): 2

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DESCRIPTION Instructions
Wake up your Workhorse chassis motor home engine with this EFI Live Autocal-RV Custom Tune and Programmer. It unlocks your RV's hidden performance by re-calibrating your vehicle’s PCM for maximum horsepower & torque, increased throttle response, clean shift points, increased efficiency and the best driving experience possible. A 5 Star Tuning Custom will bring the most potential out of your motor home by adjusting your fuel tables, drive by wire, timing, torque converter, shift strategies and shift pressures.
  • Trans Fixs: Shift are much crisper, RV holding 3rd to hwy speeds then not coming out of 4th under 50 fixed. Shifts are much more responsive to driver input.
  • Throttle Response: Throttle response is much better down low and all threw the range, less lag.
  • Open loop fix: From the factory the Workhorse platform is not allowed to use GM's "Power Enrichment Mode". After tuning, the RV is allowed to go into this mode under the correct conditions and greatly increases the torque of the engine allowing it to hold a gear longer without downshifting and still feel strong.
  • Dramatically improves your RV's:
    • drivability.
    • horsepower.
    • torque.
    • throttle response.
    • efficiency.
    • towing capacity.
  • Eliminate your factory speed limiter, sluggish throttle, sloppy shifts and lackadaisical nature of your vehicle.
  • System requirements: Windows 7 or newer.
  • HP and Torque gains: 30HP and 50 FTLB.
  • Works with 2001-2002 & 2004-2010 GM 8.1L engine, Workhorse chassis.
  • Note: The 2003 year is skipped due to a different processor that is locked in the motor home.
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1".
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Includes: EFI Live Custom Tune, all necessary cables and instructions.
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EFI Live Workhorse Custom Tune & Programmer