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Eternabond RVESSE EternaSeam Roof Seam Eliminator - 6" x 10' White
Eternabond EternaSeam Roof Seam Eliminator - 6" x 10' White
Eternabond RVESSE EternaSeam Roof Seam Eliminator - 6" x 10' White

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DESCRIPTION Instructions
  • MicroSealant Technology.
  • White UV stable backing.
  • Bonds to surfaces and stops leaks.
  • Use on: EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, fiberglass, metal and much more.
  • Seals granulated roof tears, seams, flashings, copings, skylights, gutters, and much more.
  • Designed for front and rear RV roof-cap systems.
  • Can be applied in weather as cold as -20 degrees.
  • Seals for an air, moisture and water-tight barrier.
  • One step permanent leak repair tape.
  • Dimensions: 6" width, 10' length.
  • Made in USA.

RV EternaSeam Roof Seam Eliminator - 6" x 10' White

The Eternabond EternaSeam Roof Seam Eliminator - 6" x 10' White is a do it yourself way to repair your leaky seams in your RV roof. This will make a permanent air, moisture and water-tight seal using adhesives with integrated primers and UV stable backing and is made to withstand all weather and will flex, expand and contract in all conditions. It is perfect for repairs or to restore the roof seams on your camper, motor home and RV.

Strong Sealant For RV Seam Repairs

If you need a strong sealant for the front and rear RV roof-cap systems, this is the repair tape for you. The extra width allows the installer to go right over the old sealant (except silicone), and it will give it a leak free bond for years. It uses advanced MicroSealant Technology, a 100% solids formulation of synthetic resins, thermoplastics and non-curing rubber with a built in primer, bonded to a UV stable backing. This will easily bond to any surface, sealing tears in the roof or seams, flashings, copings, skylights, gutters and much more.

How To Apply

Before applying, the surface must be clean and dry. For application, install over the repair area, removing the protective liner as you go, to prevent the tape from getting stuck to itself or debris. Using pressure, rub with hand or roll with steel roller to activate bonding process.

Technical Specs.

Adhesion: 20lbs+/in width
Application temperature: 150°F to -20°F ambient
Color: White
Elongation: >700% +/- 100
Low temperature flexibility: ½” radius at -30°F
Permanence: .001 perms maximum
Pliability: No cracks in membrane
Shelf Life: Up to 5 years
Roll size: 6” X 10’
Temperature flexibility range: -70°F - >200°F
Tensile break PSI: 4500 PSI +/- 500 PSI
Total thickness: 35 mils (+/- 2 mils)
Water vapor test: (ASTME 96B) .005 grms/100” sq./24hrs/100°F
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