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RPB72-7910-03 Pin Box System - Up to 11,500 GVWR
RPB72-7910-03 Pin Box System - Up to 11,500 GVWR
Pin Box System - Up to 11,500 GVWR

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Price: $592.26
MFG P/N: RPB72-7910-03
SHIPS: 105

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Technical Instructions
The MORryde RPB72-7910-03 Pin Box System - Up to 11,500 GVWR will deal with rough towing and road shock by using an exclusive rubber shear spring. The horizontal planar motion of the rubber spring absorbs towing shock of road abnormalities. By diminishing transfer forces from the trailer to truck, your ride quality will significantly and noticeably improve giving a softer and more comfortable ride while towing your fifth wheel. The Pin Box System can be installed on most fifth wheel trailers. Ordering a MORryde Pin Box System requires knowing GVWR of the trailer, and the part number of the stock pin box (usually found on a label on the pin box). Reference the chart in additional product information to determine which pin box system is right for you.
  • Rubber spring works in longitudinal and lateral motion
  • Movement up to 3" longitudinal and 1-1/2" lateral
  • Reduce jerking of truck while towing
  • Fitment:
    • MFG: Leland
    • Model #: 7910
    • MORryde Base #: RPB72-7910
    • MORryde Pin Box Rating: 18K

MORryde Pin Box System

Additional Product Information
All Available MORryde Pin Box Systems:
MFG Model # MORryde Base # Base -03 11,500 or less Base -04 11,501 - 14,000 Base -05 14,001 - 18,000 Base -06 18,001 & over MORryde Pin Box Rating
Lippert 1621, HD, SHD RPB72-1621HD 23K
Lippert 1716 RPB72-1716 18K
Lippert 1116 RPB72-1116 19K
Lippert 0719 RPB72-0719 15.5K
Lippert 0516 RPB72-316 CSA at 18K
Lippert 0115 RPB72-0115 16.4K
Leland 7920, 7921 RPB72-221002300 19K
Leland 7930 RPB72-7930 10K
Leland 7910 RPB72-7910 18K
Leland 7900 RPB72-7900 15K
Fabex 500 RPB72-500 15K
Fabex 503 RPB72-503 15K
Fabex 665 RPB72-665 15K
Fabex 765 RPB72-765 21K
Fabex 770 RPB72-770 21K
Fabex 520 RPB72-520 15K
Fabex 663 RPB72-663 15K
Fabex 730 RPB72-730 21K
Fabex 300, 314, 316 RPB72-316 CSA at 18K
Fabex 315 RPB72-315 N/A
Fabex 330 RPB72-330 13K
Fabex 560 RPB72-560 15K
Fabex 660 RPB72-660 14K
Venture Long RPB72-VL 17K
Venture Med RPB72-VM 15K
Youngs Welding Long RPB72-YWL 19.5K
Youngs Welding Medium RPB72-YWM 95-4782 19.5K
Youngs Welding 45 Degree RPB72-YW45 16K
Youngs Welding 6640-1 RPB72-6640-1 12K
Youngs Welding 52751 RPB72-52751 N/A
Youngs Welding Short RPB72-YWO 16.4K
RBW 7019 RPB72-7019 10K
RBW 7016-2P RPB72-7016 15K
RBW 7027 RPB72-7027 12K
Atwood AB-34 HD RPB72-AB34 N/A
Atwood AB-72 RPB72-AB72 18K
Dexter 221-0023-00 RPB72-221002300 19K
Dexter 221-0031 RPB72-2210031 16K
Dexter 221-0037 RPB72-2210037 21K