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TST TST-507-RV-10 Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Black & White - 10 Pack
TST TST-507-RV-10 Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Black & White - 10 Pack
TST TST-507-RV-10 Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Black & White - 10 Pack

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DESCRIPTION Instructions
Ensure safety and prevent tire blowouts by installing the TST TST-507-RV-10 Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This system accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature simultaneously in real time, while offering you the ability to custom program high and low PSI settings on up to 4 axles.
  • Sensor Features:
    • Detect leaks and temperature variances quickly and reliably
    • Installation wrenches offer protection from theft
    • Powered by user replaceable batteries (CR-1632)
    • Must remove non flow through sensor to add air and check tire pressure
    • Easy to remove during seasonal storage to conserve and extend battery life
    • Replaceable seal for long lasting durability
    • Each sensor can get programmed individually, so you can monitor per axle
    • Internal memory keeps your settings after battery changes, no need to reprogram
    • Water resistant
    • Battery Life: Approx. 1 Year (Replaceable CR1632)
    • Sensor Weight: 0.05 lbs
    • Dimensions: 1" diameter x 1-1/8" height
  • Monitor Features:
    • Black and white display
    • Easily installs with dashboard mount or suction cup mount
    • Large illuminated display shows PSI and temperature simultaneously
    • Built in rechargeable lithium ion battery runs up to 36 hours wirelessly
    • Operates on vehicle 12-volt DC or hardware
    • Automatic illumination adapts to any light level
    • Customize high low pressure and temperature thresholds
    • Flashing LED light and audible alarm indicate when pressure or temperature exceeds preset thresholds
    • The range is upwards of 60 linear feet from tire to monitor.
      • Even further range with included repeater
      • Repeater is used in instances when the distance between the receiver and sensors is greater than 34ft.
    • Read pressure in PSI, BAR, Kpa, Kgf/cm2, temperatures in F or C
    • Easy to use icons
    • Monitor Weight: 0.20 lbs
    • Dimensions: 3.5" L x 2.5" W x 1" T
  • Includes: (2) Hex wrenches, (10) O-rings, (10) Rubber washers, (20) Replacement black screws for changing the batteries in your senors, (10) Replacement silver anti-theft allen set screws, (1) Suction cup monitor mount, (1) Dashboard monitor holder, (1) Power cable, (1) Power adapter, (1) Sheet of label stickers, (10) Tire caps, (1) Display monitor with attached short antenna, (1) Repeater, (10) Flow Through sensors, (1) Instruction Manual and (1) Installation Guide
  • Limited 3-year manufacturer warranty
507 Sensor Specifications: Operating Temperature: -40 - 257 degrees F (-40 - 125 degrees C), Storage Temperature: -40 - 257 degrees F (-40 - 125 degrees C), Pressure Range: 0 - 188 psi, Pressure Sensitivity: +/- 1.5 psi, Temperature Sensitivity: +/- 1 degree F, Fast Leakage Alert: 6 psi within 12 seconds, Transmission Frequency: 433.92 MHz.
507 Monitor Specifications: Operating Temperature: -4 - 185 degrees F (-20 - 85 degrees C), Storage Temperature: -22 - 203 degrees F (-30 - 95 degrees C), Cigarette Plug (Charger) Input Voltage: 12 - 24 VDC, Frequency: 433.92 MHz.

TST Cap Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Black & White - 10 Pack

Additional Product Information
Differences between the 507RV, 507FT and 510TPMS:
  • The 507RV and 507FT is just the type of sensors. The 507RV has regular sensors and the 507FT have flow thru that allow you to add or remove air and check tire pressure with out removing the sensors. The flow thru's are also longer than the regular sensors.

  • The differences between the 507 and the 510 are the batteries in the 507 sensors are replaceable and should be replaced once a year. The 510 batteries last 5 years and they are non replaceable, you can send them back to the manufacturer and they will replace them (for a small fee). The 510 sensors are also completely sealed, so they are waterproof, perfect for boat trailers. Lastly the 507 sensors are easier to set up, the sensor has a button to hold down and it will sync to the monitor. The 510 you have to manually enter the numbers for the sensors.

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